Crunch Time is Almost Over

Hey guys, EBF5 has been updated to version 1.2 on Steam. This mostly includes bug fixes and user interface improvements. Check the game News page on Steam to see a full list of changes.

With that update out, I’m almost finished doing launch maintenance. I’m still going to see if I can change the saving system to avoid using Flash .sol files completely, since those have been causing some problems. But it looks like things are finally starting to calm down, and I may get to enjoy the holidays without needing to work too hard. Maybe I’ll even get a Nintendo Switch.

In other news, I’m still trying to make interesting posts on Patreon, and revealing some secret stuff that I’m not ready to post publicly yet. I’m thinking of changing my settings so that new patrons are charged immediately, instead of needing to wait until the start of the next month. This was a huge problem when people were trying to pre-order EBF5 on Patreon, and they weren’t being charged in time. This change will make it easier for me to do Kickstarter-style rewards, as it allows big one-off payments to be made right away. I’m not sure what kind of rewards I’ll do yet, but I am considering a “Wall of Patrons” in the Grand Gallery, where for a hefty price you can have your name immortalised in the game forever. I know some people like perks like that, and it would fit with the theme of that area.

Anyway, here’s some fanart by TorresJesus.

10 thoughts on “Crunch Time is Almost Over

  1. 1hardyparty

    I don’t know what you did but the game runs a lot better now in the fps department. Going to finish it today while I take a break from Smash.

  2. SadMan

    Still waiting to be able to play this on my mac. Feel like a fool for buying it, but hopefully that’ll change in time. Steam straight up won’t let me download any files.

  3. Jade

    I dont know the extent of stress that comes with making a game whether its a huge AAA game or even a flash game. But i want to say thanks. Ive been playing your games since 2011 and i loved everyone of them. So thanks. Ill keep supporting you.


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