EBF5: Steam Beta

Hey guys, if you own EBF5 on Steam, you can opt into a new beta version, by going into:
Steam Client > EBF5 > Properties > Betas > Select Beta 1.2
I need to test some new features before setting them live.

Changes include:
• Added a new fullscreen mode, “Best Fit”. It stretches the game to your current resolution. Performance will be terrible if your resolution is very high, but it should work well on different aspect ratios.
• The “NPC maker” tool is now included in the installation files, you’ll have to open it with a Flashplayer.
• You can rename your summons in the summon menu. (English only)
• Fast Text option makes text appear instantly, and also speeds up the battle Victory screen.
• You can change quantity by 10 when buying or selling items.
• 3 more window sizes added.
• The game shouldn’t try to reset your resolution on exit, if you’re playing in windowed mode.
• On the slime loading screen, you can now right-click to access Flashplayer settings, which may help those struggling with the Flashplayer pop up.
• Beast Tamer medal is harder, must catch at least a Chomper.
• Fixed a major bug where you can get stuck in a wall after going through a teleporter.
• Fixed the bug where NPC quest dialogue would be in the wrong language.
• Minor bug fixes.
• Translations not updated yet, but will be soon.

Changes that should already effect all versions:
• All 102 medals should now appear on Steam. (I’ll translate these later!)
• Store page updated to show Spanish Spanish as supported.

And here’s some fanart by SnowyDot.

24 thoughts on “EBF5: Steam Beta

  1. RockOwlGamer

    So far the game is pretty good, the kidnapping of Natz was actually pretty cool

    hope to more surprises to come as a new player to EBF 5, also been working on a playthrough series so check that out if ya want, already on episode 5

    RockOwlGamer on youtuber (yeah the name isn’t the greatest so what? sue me) :yay:

  2. 1hardyparty

    Cam i not use spacebar when naming summons? A little sad i couldn’t name my sniper cat weasley Snipes. I had to put W.snipes cause of no space key.

  3. Eucli

    for the beta when i activate full screen, when i close the game and want to play again it make a black screen that force me to disable beta version (sorry if my english is bad) :scared:

      1. Eucli

        eeeeh i have all settings at max but not aliasing, but when i disable beta, change my option and enable beta again, i was able to play again

  4. Joseph Howard

    Nice, but I am a little onfused. Can you play the beta version or the full version, or is the full version not up yet?

      1. Not Lance

        There’s a viking monolith almost right after the first boss, but that’s later than the first chomper. Maybe the first golem?

  5. completionist?

    Heyo matt, I just beat the cyclops sisters, and forgot to capture the second one. Are my full capture chances done for?

    1. CoffeeUser

      There is a mega boss rush at the end of the last optional dungeon. And that respawns. But it’s very much later. Good thing that you are missing the first boss and not the fifth. Those bosses can take an eternity to defeat.

  6. TakeoX

    What about Kongregate? I promise I’ll buy the game as soon as I have enough money (a.k.a. that my fucking bosses pay me what they owe me and then I’ll be able to reduce the expense in food to afford the game).


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