Fanart: Anna Selfie

Got some cute fanart from Epifex!

Crunching away at bug fixes. Should have a much more stable build of EBF5 up sometime around the weekend (with some cool quality-of-life improvements too). Bare with me!
anna epifex

6 thoughts on “Fanart: Anna Selfie

  1. Joseph Howard

    Hey, does anyone know a good engine to make a Steampunk or D&D based game (2 separate ideas, Steampunk ministory packaged with main D&D story x2 + custom mode).

  2. alproy

    this is all nice but me and my brother noticed there are heck lot of remix of older musics from older games like: retern of the snow queen have that crystal cave musics from EBF4, “EBF5” is just “under my skin” from ebf4 slowed down by 300% + editing 😡
    port harbor music is literly “we like the booty” from ebf3, the page that give you all the game options like “new game” or “continue” have no other than a music from adventure story! 😡
    and also, i know this isnt nice to say but, the finle boss music is a dissapointment after ebf4 and ebf3…. :bleh:
    and i HOPE for you that you will find NEW musics for the dungeons :meh:

  3. Joseph Howard

    Happy to wait, need to finish my exams first anyway. Glad all your hard work on this game is paying off! Even the free versions can get people invested in your games!

  4. Rbstat

    well if your fixing bugs, then i have a little one for you to smash. when i go full-screen, all the icons on my desk go all over the place. not the end of the world but definately annoying.


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