12 thoughts on “Fanart: Pixel Players and Evil Players

  1. JPx0999

    Hello kupogames :yay: (or should I say matt rozask)
    I’m super fan of ebf and bh :stars:

    I wanted to ask when the COMPLETE translation of ebf5 to portuguese

    I have 73 achievements, and the English description of the conquest does not help to know what do … :bleh:

    Another question is, what do I need to achieve the formated achievement? :?:

    1. Cyanide236

      If you are talking about the ‘Reformat’ achievement, you need to defeat the glitch boss, similar to the one found in EBF4.
      To fight it, you need to go to that glitch portal in Redpine Town and go up, going any other way will put you back in the same screen. Talk to that massive skull thing and the glitch boss will be waiting for you

  2. Anonymous

    The fact that you didn’t recognize that these were based on GBA-era Fire Emblem sprites saddens me, but that’s understandable.

    For reference:
    Matt’s is based off the Mercenary.
    Natz’ is based off the Sage.
    Lance and Anna’s are both based off the Archer, though Anna’s sprite looks to be in the middle of triggering a critical hit animation.
    NoLegs’ is not based off any sprite and is completely original.

    Are you educated now? Good. My work here is done.
    (Why am I doing this I don’t know please help.)

    1. Starkness

      Eh, don’t feel too bad. You beat me to pointing that out anyhoo :P

      In general it really sucks to be a fan of something niche and high-investment like Growlanser and finding out that very few people know about it.

      On a side note the small pixels really p* me off as an artist. As bad as mixels and rixels.

  3. JPx0999

    You missed 2 things. :!:

    1: You repeated the sentence, leaving everything more confusing :mad:

    2: You do not interact with the skull, but with the tomb just in front (actually the skull does not do anything, it also blocks until you destroy the boss interacting with the tomb). :!:

    extra: I already got the conquest :bleh: (you can see that I already mentioned this before) and besides that
    now only 9 or 8 are missing to complete everything. :stars:

      Question: Can you tell me how to get the 1M medal and 10M of damage? :?:

    1. Ben

      for the 1m medal you need to use soul eater,cardbroad box,genji armor,blue paint thingy.. for matt and you also need to fight the cosmic gigalith (i think i spell that wrong) then weaken him and stagger him too then use defend on matt andd enchant the boss also slow him down cuz he’s god damm fast and then use clever then you should get the 1m medal if you are at lvl 35 or something like that.

  4. HamFantasy

    Welcome to Castlevania, how can I help you today?
    No its something with Fire Emblem? Aw, I never completed Blazing Blade or Sacred Stones so I wouldn’t know…


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