7 thoughts on “Fanart: Anna Dance

  1. Starkness

    Might be weird and off-topic, but in terms of your Steam release…

    May I suggest you try pricing it *higher*, so you would receive more revenue? In general, the market for Steam seems to have changed drastically. I know November and December are the big sale months whereas most of the year’s overall purchases would happen, but the indie market is severely deprecated from a glut of releases and business-poor devs piling on too sharp discounts, devaluing indie games in the eye of the consumer and training them to wait for sales instead of buying. New games now need excessive marketing or they will only get 20-50k sales at most. You have the advantage of a preexisting base from the prequel, yes, but how many would convert? The conscious and savvy thing to do would be to emulate AAA games and purposely price your game higher to connote a sense of superior value to the consumer, and hand out smaller discounts, up to 20%, sparingly to preserve said image.

    In fact, what you did on Patreon was rather akin to what most financially successful Steam devs do, which is to release the game on Early Access for a reduced price before releasing the full version.

    I wonder what could be done if you were to offer the game on Kartridge.

    Anyways, I’m warning you.

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      Thanks, I’m thinking of increasing the price after future updates add more content.
      But I need lots of early sales to get the game rolling in Steam’s algorithms.

  2. Alexandru Gliga

    Friday I want to play EBF BETA with my save and my brother of course ;)
    And if you saw he’s comment he said He’s so very happy to play BETA with me :stars:


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