Garden Adventures

So now that Summer is over, I can do a write up of my gardening adventures.
We recently bought a house, which while in very good condition, had a very plain and low maintenance garden. In particular, there’s a 25sqm area that’s simply covered in gravel. I would prefer to have grass, so dogs can run around. It can’t be that hard to remove the gravel by hand and lay down some grass, right?

Well, the top layer of gravel was quite useful, and I reused some of it in other parts of the garden, and gave a few car-fulls of it to my mum, who used it in her garden. The problem was that under the gravel was a much thicker layer of useless concrete and rubble. That took many digging sessions to get rid of – and around 15 trips to the dump in my medium sized car. In the end I excavated 6 or 7 tonnes of rubble with just a shovel, pickaxe and some buckets. It definitely would have been worth hiring some professional equipment for that… but at least it was good exercise.

back garden

Once the rubble was gone, I finally reached the topsoil, but there was a final challenge. The soil was full of buried chunks of fences, bricks, and slabs! I had to go through it all with the pickaxe and pull out even more rubble. On the bright side, some of the slabs were complete, and I used them to build flower beds later! I didn’t get to plant the grass this year, but the area is almost ready so that I can plant it in Spring. I didn’t expect grass would be so much work. I invited some friends and family over, and we had a little planting session in the corner of that area.

In another part of the garden, we wanted to get rid of some grass and build flower beds along the fence, as this would make for a great view from the patio and rear windows. My mum cloned many of her plants for us, and Ronja helped with the planting and layout. The problem this time is that the grass didn’t want to die, and started growing back a few weeks later. That project is still a work in progress, and we’ll see how many of the plants survive…

front garden

We also extended the driveway a bit to look a bit more aesthetic, and so that it can potentially fit in an extra car. Whoever originally laid the driveway slabs got a bit lazy and didn’t put them all the way along the fence, so we cut some slabs into triangles and filled in the gaps. It seems like a simple job, but if you don’t flatten the ground underneath, they can wobble or break when you step on them, and one of ours cracked through the middle. Also at 70KG each, slabs are surprisingly heavy and make for a good workout.

I got some old decorative garden furniture from my mum, scraped the old flaky paint off, and spray painted it black. The intricate design made this a huge pain. I didn’t manage to get all the old paint off, so I’m sure the new layer won’t last that long now. But for now it makes for a really nice decoration in front of the house.

Anyway, that about covers everything. This was all very new to me, as I haven’t done much gardening in the past. I learned a lot in the process, and also got much fitter. It was satisfying how little money we spent on all that – mostly on a few essential tools and compost. Most of the plants and materials were recycled, either from my parents’ garden or from Gumtree. It just took a lot of hard, dirty work.

garden me

19 thoughts on “Garden Adventures

  1. Emma

    It looks great! That’s really cool that you reused the slabs and the outdoor furniture, keeps them from going to landfill :smirk: :smirk:

  2. Dark_Forces48

    Congratulations! you gained 2k exp, 124 AP
    You are now lvl 10!
    You gained some Str!
    You just acquired this item(s): tons of garbage
    :stars: :stars:
    btw the garden looks good. (are you going to add gardening tools as matt’s sword now?)

  3. Tex Rider

    Can you handle the work? Well… It seems to be tiring job to me.
    Anyway… that is quite good for you. :yay:

  4. Franklin

    Here we see man asserting his dominance over nature once again, showing just how much of an absolute unit he truly is. Fascinating.

  5. Oxybulyx

    If you leave your plants out where you live, The Winter and the frost will take their lives, so be careful.

  6. Rashtor

    Man, i can’t make gardens look nice in sandbox games, and you managed to in real life :ooo: . Congrats on the garden man, hopefully you mantain us tuned for spring next year to see how it turned out :yay:
    P.S: Anna would be proud of your gardening job :stars: Hope your dogs like it.

  7. CHC

    Oof. Home improvement is exhausting, glad you guys made it work.

    I’m surprised the remants of the lot’s previous structure were just right there under the ground . . . guess you can add “amateur archeologist” to your list of titles. :tongue:

  8. Vuther

    Matt dual-wielded sword set confirmed

    Definitely nice to hear it saved you a lot of money because let’s be honest, that’s the reason why we all don’t just hire people to do everything for us :smirk:

    Hope the dogs love the work. :love:


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