59 thoughts on “EBF5: Translation Progress

  1. Pietro Lamonaca

    you have translated the game in almost all the languages of the world … :sick: but not in italian…

  2. LebronXu

    What a shame. I was so tempted to help with the Simplified Chinese translation part, but I have been very busy lately… (an excuse for laziness to be honest)
    Besides, I seriously don’t want to ruin the joy by playing the beta version, it feels like a spoiler to me. Better wait until it is launched on Steam.
    Good to see you guys are progressing well! :smirk:

  3. Austin Van Wagner

    A bit curious why the first difficulty is just called “zero” in english and some other languages, but “very easy” in some such as spanish.

    1. HamFantasy

      It feels like its there more for farming than playing. Easy mode is simple to beat as is, Zero just feels like it is intended for people who are *this* close to OHKOing everything on Easy but want to get their Riceball faster.

    2. cloud

      That’s a contradiction, the purpose of grinding in a game is to reduce the challenge. That’s why the game has 5 difficulty settings, so that everyone can beat the game without grinding at all. There’s no point to playing on epic if you need to grind.

      1. HamFantasy

        If I remember correctly, the Dark Boss Rush and Mega Boss Rush are exceedingly difficult on Epic. As such, many players grind to amass Stat Boosters. A 80% Attack boosted Matt deals much more damage than a 20% Matt. Easy is really easy. A tactical Limit Break while chop a quarter off the final bosses’s health. However, it still is a bit annoying to farm the endless amounts of Turnips and Fried Egg and such to get your characters strong enough to slay the Final Boss or Snowflake on Epic. As such, Zero difficulty epitomizes it and makes it so that you can get that stuff quickly.
        Oh and you CAN change the difficulty. Playing on Epic *except* for bosses is kind of not really playing on Epic. Playing on Zero for farming but Epic otherwise may well be Epic, if you can clear the fight on Epic but are doing it on Zero to farm, then I suppose it means you are basically playing Epic.

  4. James1249

    hey kupo, could you bring back the old ninja costume or the epic battle fantasy 4 one, please? L really like that costume

    1. Spec7er

      Another volunteer . I’m with you . It’d be intresting to have romanian as one of the languages . Maybe it would make people look into our history and see that we were once great .
      😐 😐 😐 😐 😐 😐

  5. Az0rius G4m3r

    I also noticed that the Spanish one has “Very Easy” instead of “Zero”. My only objection is that it’s a GIF (unpauseable) instead of a short video (but then again, would you even want to upload such a short video without some sort of quick joke?).

  6. KuroHaruto

    This is awesome, I am from Vietnam.. So I really suprised that you put our language into your game. I can speak English (a little) so I don’t mind if you don’t put any language exept English. (P.S, big fan of yours.. hope you finish your game as soon as possible :love2: )

    1. Ben

      You know a lot of people like this game but not everyone of them can speak english and others some can speak vietnamese but not english so shut up and go away :meh:

      1. Jason

        I’m a Vietnamese myself so my opinion outweighs yours.
        (Yes, I’m playing that card. What card? I don’t know. I do know that the card exist though.)

        1. Meap

          I am also a Vietnamese (surprise! I have this card as well), and I think translating it to Vietnamese is cool. Sure, it’s a fan made project and who knows how good it would be, but the people translating it is very passionate about it and I have I high hope for them. Unless you directly help with the translation yourself, no matter what card you play your opinion means sh :scared: t.
          Ok, let’s wrap this up and not getting things messy. This will be the last comment from me.

          1. Jason

            (You’re likely not even reading this but whatever.)
            My biggest concern is that the translations turned out horrible. Personal experience: I’ve never seen a good Vietnamese translation. Even supposedly “professionals” on TV mess up and mistranslate things, especially words with multiple meanings. Translating could also make certain things lose their charm, like jokes and/or puns, because everyone knows that some jokes just don’t work well when translated, and Vietnamese (the language, if anyone is confused) is just… to put it bluntly, horrible at puns. Or, well, not as capable at that as something like English or Japanese is, at least.
            So, that’s my… something. Eh.

  7. Asterkop

    I’m from Greece and I like Epic battle fantasy.
    I used to play it as a kid.
    I don’t mind if you don’t have it in Greek because almost everyone in Greece under 20 can speak English I think and me myself can speak English pretty good!
    SOoooo keep up the good work!
    :smirk: :yay: :hurray: :stars:

  8. Darrenic427

    Matt, how long will the loyalty discount for this be for those that already own EBF4? Because I have too many things going on around the 18th and that’s when my next paycheck is. I really don’t want to have to squeeze in buying the game around there, hopefully I can get it on my first November paycheck but… Bills and living stuffs cost a lot… :meh:

    1. Fanboy#3

      IF the reason is because the translaters do a separate translation but just changed the characters, it’ll suck. A LOT. Wordings are pretty different for users of each version. And from just the gif, I’ve already spotted some wordings that only work for simplified chinese but doesn’t really work for traditional chinese.

      Some of the simplified chinese translation isn’t actually understandable for for traditional chinese readers in the simplified chinese menu, even if you know the individual characters’ traditional chinese counterpart. These includes the tips and cleavage. Just in the menu alone. Others like the GUI skin and idle animations are understandable but reads iffy, a bit like how “bloody” as a curse would sound to someone who never heard a british talk.

      (No, I’m not projecting, I actually understand the translation, but I only do because I frequent both traditional and simplified chinese forums)

      1. Matt Roszak Post author

        Check out the latest beta, and then you can head over to the EBF Discord and talk to the Chinese team there if you have feedback for them.

  9. Sage Pointer

    Thank you for Russian translation)
    In Russia, EBF is quite underrated because lot of russian players are quite stupid and don’t learn English, and often they play games only when Russian translation (official or non-official) is released. Or just play and skip storyline and lose many.
    This will help that sort of players a lot)


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