EBF5 Translations Are Go

Hey guys, this is an announcement to say that I’m closing applications for translator roles, and we’re starting to work on the translations. If you’ve been selected, you’ll have recieved an email and been invited to Google Docs by now. I’m sorry I can’t reply to you all individually – I got almost 200 emails.

But even if you haven’t been selected to translate directly, you can still contribute to the translation effort on the EBF Discord. We’ll be discussing translation issues on there. I’ve also made a list of everyone who emailed me, so if anyone drops out, or we need more help, I may invite more people.

Big thanks to everyone who emailed me, and please wish us luck! It’s going to be a big project…

22 thoughts on “EBF5 Translations Are Go

    1. Oxybulyx

      I know you don’t feel me. I know you don’t know me. But you don’t know what I’ve been through to be let to such a horrid conclusion.

        1. Oxybulyx

          This will not help my case, but I felt it had to be done. Containing such powerful feelings inside of me is nothing short of insanity.

  1. Ebf5 is da best

    I dont know where is the last orb – Earth orb … :?: And I think im stuck now , Matt , what should I do :?: Or maybe I didn’t start again :wut:


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