Translation Update

Hey guys, I’m still preparing the translation stuff and reading emails from people who want to help out. I haven’t replied to most people yet, maybe I’ll be able to do that tomorrow. You’ll be invited to Google Docs if you’re in. I’ll make an announcement to tell everyone else that they’re not in – but I’m still making a list of everyone who emailed me, so I’ll have your name for later if needed.

Spanish is by far the most popular language – so if you want to help out with Spanish, you’re probably out of luck. Everyone wants to do Spanish.

I’ve decided to do both Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese, since people have convinced me that it’s very easy to do the other once you’ve done one.

If you’re interested in helping with Korean, please email me with your details ASAP (see my previous post). I got a few volunteers, but probably not enough yet, and Korean’s a good language to support if possible. I could also use one or two more helpers for Japanese.

I’ve created a channel for each language on the EBF Discord. This way translators can talk to fans and get feedback or suggestions easily. That’s a good place to contribute even if you’ve not been invited to the Google Docs team.

That is all, I’ll keep you updated. But I’m overwhelmed by the response at the moment.

14 thoughts on “Translation Update

  1. HamFantasy

    I’m actually fluent in spanish, but it looks like you are already attracting quite a crowd. :bleh:
    So I wish you the best of luck instead :yay:

      1. dola_nhi

        Well, for some reason, mine does not show the box, it just said that the file had been backup, is this because I was playing in fullscreen mode :wut:

      2. dola_nhi

        Nevermind, I just test it, Confirmed that it was because of the fullscreen mode, you better note for other player, The system box won’t pop up in fullscreen mode

  2. Goole Translate

    Why ask people to translate it? I can do their job 1000 times faster and better in all languages of the world, have you ever tried my service?
    ¿Por qué pedirle a la gente que lo traduzca? Puedo hacer su trabajo 1000 veces más rápido y mejor en todos los idiomas del mundo, ¿alguna vez has probado mi servicio?
    Pourquoi demander aux gens de le traduire? Je peux faire leur travail 1000 fois plus vite et mieux dans toutes les langues du monde, avez-vous déjà essayé mon service?
    Warum bitten die Leute, es zu übersetzen? Ich kann 1000 Mal schneller und besser in allen Sprachen der Welt arbeiten, hast du jemals meinen Dienst ausprobiert?
    Miksi pyytää ihmisiä kääntämään sen? Voin tehdä työni 1000 kertaa nopeammin ja paremmin kaikilla maailman kielillä, oletko koskaan kokeillut palveluni?
    Po co prosić ludzi o przetłumaczenie? Mogę wykonać swoją pracę 1000 razy szybciej i lepiej we wszystkich językach świata, czy kiedykolwiek próbowałeś mojej usługi?
    为什么要求人们翻译呢? 我能在世界上所有语言中以更快,更好的速度完成工作,你有没有尝试过我的服务?
    なぜ人々に翻訳を依頼するのですか? 私は自分の仕事を1000倍速く、世界のすべての言語でうまくやることができます。

  3. dola_nhi

    Well, for some reason, mine does not show the box, it just said that the file had been backup, is this because I was playing in fullscreen mode :wut:


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