Fanart: Natalie

Here’s some fanart by KTSRyoto.

I was on edge yesterday because, as usual, I can’t keep everyone happy. There’s always people telling me I’m recycling too much of my work, and others who are complaining about every little thing I do differently. I’m used to it, but I need to complain every once in a while. I guess the reaction is just a little stronger when I trample on someone’s waifu.

To clarify, 7th Heaven will have different skins for Natalie’s outfits. Not sure if every single one will have a unique skin, but we’ll see how far we get. Also the PJs are for when Cleavage is disabled in the options. The player reactions have also been added back.

See ya!

17 thoughts on “Fanart: Natalie

  1. LClemings

    Look on the bright side, you have made a waifu worth fighting for! A lot of men claim to have a waifu, few can truly claim to have crafted one that everyone fights over.

    Now let’s just hope us silent Anna fanbase doesn’t get too vocal, last thing we all want is a full blown waifu war. 😛

  2. Az0rius G4m3r

    So it sounds like this at least partially takes on my (and just as likely others’) idea of including both animations – using the new ones while keeping the player reactions from the older one! :love: :love: :love:

    1. RWizz

      tbh mine neither, but can still run full EBF4 (non-steam) on low-mid settings tho with less than 1gb of RAM so that’s not really a problem. The specs that are on Steam should be put as “recommended” if they aren’t already :/ ❗

  3. PastVision

    Hello I am from the part of Latin America that is a fan of this game since always and I am playing it since I was a kid and now that the fifth game is about to come out I want to know if there are betas of it and where you could get thanks:?:

  4. Favian WBD

    I get that new stuff is wanted to be done like the stamina system
    it’s a cool and new idea but i also did like magic but I wont complain
    In a way it makes it more complex for the heavier moves…which is cool with me.
    the original 7th heaven idea did look pretty nice but even tho i like the Kyun Limit break more (cuz obvi reasons like outfit variance and boobs were clickable….and Natalie being frekin cute af doing the pose), i get it was supposed to be new and easier/faster to implement. :coffee: :bacon:
    I think when i first saw ebf5 was bein made is when the bar was at high 50s or high 60s %…and i felt the hype. :yay:

  5. OnyxInc

    I definitely prefer the original animation, but I don’t think it should be a binary decision – leave both animations in, and allow players to toggle between them, either through something in the Settings menu or some option in gameplay. :yay:

  6. TheAwesomeStuff

    Yeah, you can’t please everyone. It’s like the Aesop of The Man, the Boy, and the Donkey, where in an attempt to avoid ridicule from others, the man and the boy mount their donkey numerous different ways, and end up accidentally dropping it off a bridge after tying it to a pole to carry. Besides, plenty of people, myself included, like the new animation better. Also, the fanart is nice.

  7. Vigorswig

    I think that the Maid and Ninja girl outfits should just have the same look for the limit break. Same with all of the other ones with the same or similar colors schemes (Halloween Gown/ Obsidian Armor, Nurse Outfit/Pope Dress, Camo Outfit/Catcus Dress, Bubble Gown/Sami Dress)


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