EBF5: 7th Heaven

Here’s a new 7th Heaven animation that more resembles the original Kyun animation, since a lot of people complained. Also has support for different outfits now, including a work-safe one. Though they won’t all be finished in time for the next beta. You’re not allowed to say you liked the old ones better unless you explain why.

Art’s by Ronja, animation’s by me.

(I’ve made the eyebrows less noticeable due to complaints, but I recorded this video before I made that change. You’re all an annoying, nit-picking bunch.)

41 thoughts on “EBF5: 7th Heaven

  1. Flashlight237

    The way I see it, the original 7th Heaven does have a more realistic-ish art style, though it was pretty stiff, as in it’s literally a still image. Of course it did provide hints at Anna’s possible bisexuality.

    This one oddly seems to fit EBF’s cartoony style more and actually has animation going for it. That and there is expected to be some level of customization (i.e. mending with Natalie’s current outfits.).

    One question, though. will this new animation cause any changes to Natalie’s in-game dialogue?

  2. Kupofan

    Alright, so let me explain why I preferred the first 7th Heaven:
    -I feel that if Natalie was forced to be seductive (as in this limit break), she’d rather go the flaunting route than the “im cute uguu <3" one
    -The faces of the rest of the party were hilarious
    -I don't see the point in changing the name of the limit break when this new animation is just Kyun v 2.0
    Oh, and I also don't like that you're "forced" to change your vision of the game because of negative feedback, especially when there's no general consensus on the subject and it isn't anything gameplay-related, just an artistic preference.

  3. EBF killed my social life

    My only concern is whether Cow Costume would be represented… accurately. Jokes aside, the only thing I was bugged about was the faces, good to know that’s coming back.

  4. Mentlegen

    If anything both versions are completely fine (although i have a preference for the new one).
    I’d say that the new animation gives the whole limit break some personality. As previously mentioned above the faces were funny and cute in the previous adaptation of 7th heaven.
    Also go with any direction you feel is best, i don’t think too many people would mind getting a visual upgrade to the move. :love:

  5. Vigorswig

    I was gonna say the first “7th Heaven” was fine, but a fusion of Kyun and 7th Heaven V1 is actually better than both of them.

  6. DiceDsx

    I like this new 7th Heaven. The old one was good too, but it felt a bit OOC, like a pose that Natz would do when alone with Matt.

  7. RayNew

    Eugh, now I feel kinda bad.
    So, because I am not so clever to cool down and think about it before doing anything, I’ve complained a little about replaced “Kyun”, ’cause it was kinda iconic for Natalie. And that change after all those games was unexpected, yeah…
    But after a while I accepted it. It’s your game, that’s okay. And after playing beta a little… I don’t know about main plot twist but I think I know, why this Limit Break in this game can be different from others.
    Well, I am sorry that I were one of the complainers. :neutral:
    But, well, this new animation looks more like main EBF style, what is nice, have customisation and, yeah, that gesture, now everyone can calm down. Overall it looks like an improvement and that’s good, I think.
    So,thank you for patience. Can’t wait to play full version of this game. :smirk:

  8. RockOwlGamer

    I like the new one but for some reason that face was weirding me out, don’t know whether or not its just me though so don’t mind me too much

  9. LClemings

    But our nitpicks is proof that we care. Maybe too much. :P

    Though I personally don’t mind or care either way, but hey, more variance is always a boon!

  10. Blue_Elite

    Going to throw in a, “It’s all good,” so you can stop torturing yourself over the small group of negative Nancys (and Nathans) in the crowd. Though I gotta admit the “Donut Touch” shirt is my personal favorite.

  11. WestorEast

    Bah! Why should not having a reason mean I shouldn’t complain about something? Surely it’s my right as a customer* to whine about the smallest, most petty of details, and for you to take it all with a smile.

    *Not actually a customer yet.

  12. Aunche

    I appreciate the return of the wink! It gives it more personality. One minor nitpick is that Nat’s skin tone is too close to the background color in this version.

  13. Spinner

    You da best Matt. I liked the original 7th Heaven but did feel it was a little of a downgrade from Kyun. I didn’t make a fuss about it though, but now here you are giving us this awesome new animation plus multiple different outfits to go along with it! As usual a stupendous job! You spoil us so! :yay:

  14. Ershiin

    Consider it a compliment that the worst people have to say about your game is that they don’t like the eyebrows on one picture, means you’re doing an excellent job.
    Love the game, love the series, gonna buy it the moment I see it on Steam because I want to support it as best I can.
    Wasn’t intending to be annoying, just commented because I cared and I thought the comments were for expressing oppinions.
    So uhm, sorry. =/

  15. Alexandru Alin Gliga

    Matt I like seventh heaven from EBF5 not like on YOUTUBE

    Please don’t change 7th heaven,I like 7th heaven from EBF5 Please don’t change okay?

    1. StatiZkyZ

      He already changed it
      Now, the question is are you going to accept his decision as the game creator, or are you going to throw a tantrum and annoy Matt again?

      1. Mentlegen

        Oh no that would be too easy !
        The one solution to the split opinions on the matter would be the option for the ‘vanilla’ EBF5 7th heaven and the current one.

  16. njulian

    Considering the discussion of the two current versions of the 7th Heaven animation, and the old Kyun animation, what do you think about an easter egg where the original Kyun animation from EBF3 and 4 has a small chance to get triggered. Let’s say a 1/1000 Chance. This should be small enough to be never encountered by most players, but it’ll give the Die Harders their fapping material ;)


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