Fanart: EBF Intensifies

Implemented Newgame+ yesterday. I went with the lazy option and didn’t change the enemies. You can live out your power fantasies and endlessly destroy weak foes, while stuffing yourself on steroids. Epic achievements are disabled. There’s a few minor differences in the 2nd playthrough that should give you some laughs.

Here’s some animated gifs by MikalaMouse.


45 thoughts on “Fanart: EBF Intensifies

  1. Antimatter

    lance wants a flamethrower, that’s why he is shaking more slowly.
    anna wants an army of florns and natalie said she would use a spell to grow some.
    natalie is just happy because nolegs is SO CYUTE!!
    and matt is… man if I could use crossed out text I would say blissfully ignorant. oh wait I just did. :smirk:

    PS. its me dan, you may remember me from the post about the EBF TD thing. :yay:

  2. Blue_Elite

    Just to throw it out there, you could go the one-step-next-to-lazy option and have an unlockable 1000% difficulty for Newgame+ just for the power gamers to have something to farm towards.

  3. sʞɔᴉɹp ƃuᴉʍɐp uǝǝq ǝsoɥʍ

    Here’s a future update idea that I think I mentioned before: implement scaled monsters for NG+ and leave that as an OPTION, so that both players who want to be OP and those who want a continued challenge can both be happy! :stars:
    I would also suggest that you put more balance into “scaled monsters” NG+ if you implement it; most damaging summons suck before long in the second playthrough (or even the end of the first).
    Also, if there’s going to be an option to keep levels or not, that will have to determine whether scaling monsters are enabled or not (Lvl 1 party vs lvl 33 monsters? Hell no! 👿 ).

    1. Spec7er

      Finaly somone who has an even better NG+ idea ! :stars: :stars: :stars:
      Again , PLEASE DON’T LEAVE NG+ BEHIND A PAYWALL ! :scared: :scared: :scared:

  4. Voidsword

    I have to say that it’s disappointing Epic difficulty achievements are locked out of New Game+, needlessly necessitating a grind to get good equips and optimal skills in a single playthrough, as was the case in EBF3. That’s what kept me interested in EBF4 enough to get all its achievements and go through 4 full playthroughs with gradually increasing difficulty; that it didn’t have to be made painfully difficult right from the get-go, and you could take your time with maxing everything. I doubt I’ll be as motivated to replay it if that’s what is to be expected, and it’s a shame because it really just seems like a reverse in design direction to no purpose.

    1. Fanboy#3

      What?! Y U no play on epic on the first playthrough?? You already have optimal gear (at least in ebf4, I doubt ebf5 would be different) for each boss fight BEFORE the fight happens! In case you don’t know what I’m talking about, here’s the best gear for ebf4 bosses since I haven’t got to the first boss before beta went down.
      Tree thingy: fire staff, the other equips doesn’t matter much, just stack hp/def. Milk natalie (and doesn’t that sound lewd), and lvl 2 fire ball. Takes ~ 4 hits. Buff def.
      Gem thingy: ice staff, again, the other equips doesn’t matter that much. Just milk natalie (again), wet with aqua arrow/flood, and lvl3 ice skill on yellow. Takes ~ 6 hits. Buff def.
      Robot thingy: temper and lightning sword+big spark (when you have a turn free), wet with aqua arrow and lightning staff+AOE lightning to clear creep. Milk natalie. Buff def.
      Flower thingy: Milk Matalie. Darkness staff and black hole every turn to clear creep. Temper and legend with fire hammer. Buff def.
      Cat god: You’ve got all the important holy/darkness equips by now. Buff def. As always, milk Natalie and temper Matt.
      Don’t forget to milk Natalie and buff defence.

  5. Nepans

    Yk what’d be funny to see? Winning progress for a sandbox level for every % you reach in the game and you got to complete the game 2 times to complete sandbox tools

    1. cathulion

      +Alexandru Alin Gliga
      I quite literally found out about the public beta from a 4 day old lets play on youtube…a day after it was suspended
      and youtube didn’t offer me any ebf5 public beta videos before that at all… 😐

  6. alex

    when you have 1 hp with matt and everyone else is dead…you use revenge but you miss *rage intensifies* 👿 👿 👿 👿 👿 :skull: :skull: :skull: :skull:

  7. Spec7er

    May you leave level scaling for NG+ as an option and not have it activated permanently for I’m not the only one who enjoys Instakilling anything in my path on NG+ .
    And speaking of NG+ … PLEASE LET IT BE AVAILABLE FOR THE NON-PREMIUM OR NOT STEAM PLAYERS ! :scared: :scared: :scared:

  8. Spinner

    As long as there is something in the game that has scaling levels or levels higher than that of the final boss and what not, that should be fine for the initial release. Though I like others do hope for a NG+ option that scales enemies up as well, possibly in a future update.

    1. HamFantasy

      Lance is slightly older than the rest of them and doesn’t understand why they are partying
      Wait aren’t they all actual adults

        1. HamFantasy

          Anna is the definitely youngest of the group (probably excluding NoLegs ), though I think she’s still 18-22ish. Based on that one conversation Lance and Matt had in the Waste Disposal Plant, Lance is significantly older than Anna. Though I think that just places Lance in the 28-35 ish area.
          And either way, this is all retconned in EBF5 so it doesn’t matter ahahahahaha

      1. Drake

        Well, Lance doesn’t “Sacrifice” for his team nor he acts like a “Guardian” in EBF 4 if you know what I mean :yay:

  9. Dutczar

    I feel like Battle Mountain was pretty much balanced around doing it on NG+, not only because of extra stats but also because of the equipment locked behind the final bosses. Everytime I play EBF4 I don’t want to beat it because I’ll get locked out of Battle Mountain on this run, but then again I probably need the extra equipment before doing it. Unless I’m just a noob, it’d probably be better to balance the game around just NG.
    And as long as random equipment placement is available (not in NG+ when I’m overpowered anyways, prefferably make it unlockable after beating the game when making a new save file)

    1. HadoDado

      I disagree, I think Battle Mountain was nearly perfectly balanced (although slightly unfair for us), since I was capable of beating everything without NG+, all on the first playthrough (although I do have to admit the Dark Boss Rush certainly tested my luck and strategy, but I ended up just using some, not even all of the Chili Peppers I had saved up for an incredibly tough fight like this one).

      1. HamFantasy

        Battle Mountain on Easy is pretty straight forward if you’ve been tactical about your stat placement (no Magic Attack for Matt, no Attack for Natz, Lance prioritizes Magic over Attack, etc.) and use buffs contstantly. If you can land a Magic Defense Down on DAnna and have Buffed Natz use Supernova (though Lance works well too) you can take her out in like 2 turns. Be careful about Power Blast though. On a “full epic run” where you do all the fights in Epic Mode…I hope you like killing Chimera Bears, because that one right next to the last Slime Cat is loaded with those luscious Ham-and-Elixir of Life dropping bears. Honestly I didn’t have much trouble until the Dark Boss Rush. You have GOT to make sure everything is optimized and that you have the right materials along with constant buffs (Ranger Skirt is actually a fairly strong piece of equipment, but the Fire Dress is arguably really good statwise). And even then, DLance will take you out with his Double Shot in like two rounds.

  10. TyloThorn

    Sounds good! I’ve always loved the steroids option… actually cheated a little in EBF 4 which had me ending up with 1000% on all stats for all chars.
    Also minor changes… damn i am gonna enjoy the endless rerunning until I onepunch the bosses. I kinda like overkill… even if it is no challenge anymore, as a huge DBZ fan i always feel the stronger i am at the end, the better i did! :yay:


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