EBF5 Soundtrack Art

I should have mentioned this earlier, but the new border art I’m using on this website is actually art commissioned by Phyrnna, for the EBF5 Soundtrack cover. It’s by Preview.

23 thoughts on “EBF5 Soundtrack Art

  1. Sticks

    Wow, I didn’t realize this was made by her, this is really well done, but can I ask why Matt looks a bit angry? I have a feeling this is just art but I was just wondering if this actually took place in the story or not. Very good art nonetheless!

  2. Alexandru Alin Gliga

    Matt i have a big idea to put in EBF5

    Put the blue character in the game if it’s possible :stars:

    And good luck with the game and put Public Beta please to play **EBF5**

        1. weatherly23

          As the description said, Phyrnna herself commissioned it for the Soundtrack Album cover. So it’s reasonable that the artist who made it would put more focus on her for the art.

  3. Mohammed Saif Ahmed

    Phyrnna is so cute with the white dress and blue hair. She is so georgeous. Just look at her. Playing a guitar. Oh la la. I am in love with her. I wish I could kiss her and touch her, :love2: and so will Matt.


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