8 thoughts on “Bionicle MOCs: Fire

  1. TyloThorn

    Gosh, i still have a huge box of amazing Bionicles myself… favorite toys as a child, still can’t part with em.

  2. Jack

    So the last thing I want is to delay the release of the game, but just wondering, since Nintendo has been so in to supporting indie games recently, have you ever looked into what it would take to get your games on the switch? ❓

  3. Oxybulyx

    That’s an ineffective shield :meh: Learn how to smith shields Matt. This thing is as strong as the others. It’s gonna overheat. 0/10

    (but the bionicles part brings it to a 8/10)

  4. Toxic Bobcat

    Dear Matt Roszak,

    Your games are so fantastic and fun, and the cat character, No-Legs, :smirk: inspired me to create a whole other world filled with anthropomorphic cats. I am even writing a book on it. I have been waiting a while to play this game, and I’m glad the next installment in the EBF series came! It is fantastic! Keep up the great work!

    If you read and reply to this post, I will be so happy.

    Your pal, Toxic Bobcat :yay: :yay: :yay: :yay: :yay: :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars:

  5. Luxord

    thnks for the game matt, i hope that it report you benefits cause i’ve done everything i could in the game and it was up to the hype we had and the aaa games that are actually made normally can’t :yay:


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