35 thoughts on “Let’s Play EBF5!

  1. terra

    YAY ITS HERE WELL ITS JUST THE FIRST MINUTE ANYWAY>><<< :love: :love: :tongue: :hurray: :hurray: :smirk: :smirk:

  2. santiago peñaloza

    espero con ansias el juego saludos desde argentina pone esto en el traductor xd
    :love2: :love2:

  3. TheCrusaderintheswamplands

    As one that has followed the epic battle fantasy series from the very start, I am very exited to see the release of EBF5. As always, I imagine the game will have awesome quality, but there is one question I have had revolving the shop system. Will the shop system be the same as EBF4 (Clicking arrows to buy more or less) Or will it be replaced by like a special input box where you can type like 50 and it goes to 50?
    Btw, Natalie and Lance are the best :love:
    Keep up the awesome work Matt :shades:

  4. Darrenic427

    *Clicks on Nat’s busom for the achievement* “Boing!” Me: WTF?! *clicks again* “Boing!” Me: *stares at screen, whispers* I have been blessed by Godcat’s Father… *clicking intensifies* “Boingboingboingboingboing…” :love: :stars:

  5. Kinizan

    So we got a title!… I think I found out how to get two achievements before starting the game now, seeing how the characters are on the screen.

  6. Shybir

    It looks great … Although sincerely expect more seriousness in the title screen. Or at least something similar to the classic … The game paints too colorful, I hope there is seriousness in the plot 😐

  7. Matt"s Fan

    I really hope DLC will present, even if it’s expensive. Man, waited so long for that

  8. GenericNameThing

    Glad to see that the 2 most important “features” at 0:04 and 0:44 will be available in the new game.

  9. NandoDinho

    Hello, I like many of the enemies of the EBF series and I decided to create 3D models of some of them in a game of creation of mini games called KoGaMa see how it was:

    Thanks for listening ❗ :yay:

  10. Pianoman

    Will the tidbit with NoLegs happen every time you open the game or just the first time? It’ll feel different with music, but it’s a tad long.

  11. zoltankai

    I’m not saying I dislike the menu background, but I hoped for a background like EBF 3 and 4’s.

    1. Michael

      I agree, wish the background was a bit more minimalistic. Maybe this can be put as a wallpaper in the extras section.

  12. Dark_Forces48

    nyaaaaaaaaa~~~~~~!!! :love: :love:
    it’s almost here! i can’t waiiiiitt!
    this video just got me very excited for the beta, even if it’s just the first minute of the game, still…!
    all we need right now is some ebf music

  13. Jack Dague

    I so badly wanna watch this to continue staying completely up-to-date on the game, but I don’t want spoilers for anything regarding the story or game XD I’ll invite a friend over and we’ll play through some of it once the game comes out.

  14. Scarboroughfair235

    Lance still looks like Anna’s the one who gave him a black eye and locked him up :yay:

    1. Vuther

      Maybe he just doesn’t like her waving arrows pointy-side facing his head! As a gun nut, I’m sure he understands the safety rule of not pointing weaponry at anything you don’t intend to hit.

      (And then he exploded a tank. Like, literally standing on top of it)


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