EBF5: Boss Demo

Hey guys, the EBF5 Boss Demo is ready for Patreon supporters.
Throw any amount of money at me on there and you can test out all of the game’s bosses a bit early.
(but probably best to leave a few surprises for later)

Everyone else probably won’t have to wait too long to try the bosses, since the full beta might be only around 2 months away.

Also I’m sort of using Patreon for preorders, in the sense that people who have given me the game’s value on there in total will get a free Steam key later when the game is released. ($15)
But it’s turning out not to be the best platform for that sort of scheme, because while I can see how much everyone has given in total, I don’t think the patrons themselves have any easy way to see that information. So that’s a bit lame. :p


31 thoughts on “EBF5: Boss Demo

  1. Stefan

    i have played the demo back when the game was 30% or 40% and now at 90% with dialogue it’s really fun, enjoyable , i’m so excited for it’s release (august? or mid autumn maybe?)

    1. Natalie

      That ought to make you think about what you’re standing on, stepping on, playing volleyball on, stomping on and pretty much doing everything on for a LONG time.

      Code name: Planet Earth, the giant ROCK we live on. :yay:

  2. soki01

    Oooo “weather effect” im guessing things like rain increases ice and thunder damage and reduces fire damage etc? :yay:

  3. alex

    please make a section with the medals we can get for the battle demo…you know just to test it out

  4. Dutczar

    Wait, how many bosses are there in this game? EBF3 had 6 of them, EBF4 had 5 (the main ones anyway) And yet here there’s a demo dedicated solely to them?
    We already know there will be some cyclops boss and this shows there are 2 more, and Lance will probably be one too. I assume that you would at least save half of them as a suprise, so would that make like 8 or more? Because unless my logic is flawed, that’s pretty high, especially with Dark Players and other extra bosses that will probably appear.

    1. piono

      Remember, this game is over twice the size of EBF4 from map alone, not including all the bonus dungeons and stuff, so yeah, 8 bosses or more wouldn’t be TOO immense a surprise.

    2. Spirare

      Going off the demos, there’s the cyclops, hovertank, Poseidon, cat nest, and the final boss that hasn’t been revealed yet (plus presumably the secret Glitch is returning), for 5 (6?) bosses.

      All of the bosses (except the final boss) have a premium variant, as with EBF4; Vulcan is one of them, plus the Dark Players. The demo will presumably include all 15 bosses (5 normal+4 premium+1 secret+5 dark players).

      Going off the battle demos that were shown earlier, there’ll be 15-18 total – 5 normal bosses (cyclops, Poseidon, hovertank, cat nest, and the final boss), the Glitch, premium variants of the normal bosses, (Vulcan is the premium version of Poseidon), final boss excluded, and the 5 Dark Players. Also the three Chibi Knights, but those are minibosses.

  5. Anonypotato

    Add better evade effects man like seriously stepping back does not mean you can dodge a laser :neutral:

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      I’d have to animate the characters moving at the speed of light to dodge a laser properly.

  6. Azure

    While I can’t do patrion for this game (would if I could) I plan to pay the full amount for this game when it comes out I have actively avoided any of the demos so I can be as spoiler free as I can.

  7. Unkn0wn

    Matt, I think you got the mythology messed up. Poseidon is Greek, his Roman form is Neptune. Vulcan is Roman and the nephew of Neptune/Poseidon. Another probably T.M.I. fact is Vulcan’s Greek form is Hephaestus. So probably fix it for the culture nerds


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