Battle Demo Update

Hey guys, I updated the EBF5 Battle Demo with player dialogue, medals, and a bunch of bug fixes.
It’s all a bit hectic out of context. Medals haven’t really been tested, but dialogue has, and I’d like to know if you still see any dialogue triggering at inappropriate times.

Still a few bugs left, but I’m expecting the frequency of reports to be getting lower, or else kill me.


24 thoughts on “Battle Demo Update

  1. TwiGav

    I’m getting a “How did I lose?” line from Lance when Matt whaps an enemy.

    This looks really good!

    1. TyloThorn

      Dunno if that was sarcasm, but imma just clarify if there is a misunderstanding: it is intended that way, basically stating: “How did matt beat me to finishing that opponent even though he uses primitive swords”

  2. TheAwesomeStuff

    Natalie said to keep an eye on a Doom timer after a Toxic Squid used Dark Cloud. There was no Doom inflicted.

    1. TheAwesomeStuff

      Additionally, an Ashen Gloop buffing its accuracy caused Matt to say “Defensive foes are the worst!”, and Natalie said “See, I can fight too! You only beat me back there because it was two against one!” after killing a singular enemy without dying, Matt said “Here’s an attack boost! Hope you’ve got a powerful attack ready next!” after casting Temper on himself, Natalie said “Are you attacking me because I look like a soft target?” after being hit with a party-wide attack, Lance said “Hidden daggers?! What else have these ghosts got up their sleeves?!” after a Frost Wraith casted Iceshard Volley. And this is more of a nitpick, but Natalie saying that a foe is throwing its life away by attacking her is more characteristic of Matt or Lance than Natalie.

  3. Divangelium

    There’s a little bug in the haste buff, when i’m playing,the pocket clock (for example) shows when the buff is got.but it doesn’t count the buff.

  4. DracoExMachina

    “I’m expecting the frequency of reports to be getting lower, or else kill me.” Matt ??? – 2018

  5. Nathan

    Matt, huge fan of your games, EBF4 is in my top ten of all time. I love how EBF5 is looking… one thing that I could put out there after playing the demo. I’m not sure that there’s a need for the (awesome) NPC feedback after every single attack/action. It’s very funny stuff, but it could be spread out some. I found myself just clicking through the jokes trying to get the combat over with faster. Just some constructive feedback, I can’t wait to play the final product!

  6. TyloThorn

    Woah Lance with a cigar saying something badass… I love the changes you made to them already, given he was kind of a clown most of the time even though being the final boss in EBF 2 it really suits him. He should be a bit more of a badass indeed. :shades:

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      Kind of. I’ll make sure a simple workaround is available at least – but full Steam feature support may not work.

      1. Ruize Sun

        A simple workaround is fine, Matt! EBF 4 couldn’t even run on wine because of some registry keys, so a workaround is already a big improvement. Thanks for all your hard work!

  7. Metalslug27

    You actually added character responses to being put in costumes that they think look ridiculous/awesome? Holy shit this is the reason I love this series. There are few developers that add these little things that give the game so much character!

  8. TheAwesomeStuff

    Lance said “HOW DID I FAIL TO HIT SUCH A HARD TO MISS TARGET?!” after NoLegs failed to capture a Topaz Golem.


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