EBF5: Battle Backgrounds 3 + Rezzed

Here’s another bunch of battle backgrounds.
I’ve done 44 of them now and I’ll probably end up with around 60.

In other news, I’m heading to London for a few days to attend EGX Rezzed on Saturday.
Keep an eye out for me if you’re also attending.

13 thoughts on “EBF5: Battle Backgrounds 3 + Rezzed

        1. Jubix

          I am quite aware, and I desire the steam version as it has the bonus content as well as being more reliable :hurray:

  1. Bladesinger

    I love the trail and blur in the back of the first one. That extra dimensional awareness immediately interested me. The last one is super intriguing! I’m excited to learn more about that location.

  2. heh

    I love each of them exept for the 2nd one. That red carpet looks terrible in my opinion. Maybe you can add some Drawings to it? (sorry for bad English)

  3. Nikola Jaric

    EBF5. SOON™. (87%)
    btw, These are awesome! :stars: :love: Better include them in wallpapers :phone2: and stuff. (I wanna roleplay with my desktop icons xD Don’t judge.)


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