EBF5: Vortex Cutscene

Hey guys, I think this is the last cutscene that I’m gonna show off.
I’m almost finished with them, just gotta do a few more for the ending.
Final number should be around 44 images.

Rather than doing multiple endings, I’ve settled on one ending where you unlock more of it by completing more stuff in the game.

Also, I’ve edited 6 of the images into wallpapers for my Patreon.
They’re in 1920×1080 resolution, and they’ll be included with the final game too.

into the void

30 thoughts on “EBF5: Vortex Cutscene

  1. Max

    From the past few cutscenes, Anna only shown that same facial experession, it’s almost as if she doesn’t give a crap… :wut:

    1. kriss

      Well if she is still the same age in this game she is younger than the others and so mabey shes showing childlike wonder :smirk: :yay:

  2. Bored on a Sunday

    Hey Matt,
    What aspects of the game is there yet to complete? I see from the top right corner that the game is 85% complete so what kinds of things are there left to be worked on? This isn’t asking how long until the game is released, but I think it would be interesting to everyone know how you’re working on the game at the moment. Storyline? Weapon design? Secret stuff? Idk, just wondering. :?:

    1. Silkwood

      Probably about other languange and other stuff like voice(perhaps :?: ). Not to mention testing and debugging so we can get free-from-bug awesome game :stars:

  3. DrFugue

    Is it possible to change the game over screen to a short cutscene or something? That would be a cool and unique thing to add.

    1. Azorius Gamer

      On one hand, I second that suggestion. On the other, I really don’t liike to lose in the first place. Heck, sometimes my computers crash at or even before Game Over screens for some dumb reason. :mad: :mad: :mad:

  4. Paul

    Love the idea of and upgradable ending. Though it is kind of weird that in order to get all possible endings I’ll have to be less completionist during the game =P

  5. Devin de Vries

    This way of altering the ending does prevent some confusion regarding which ending
    will actually be canon AND makes it obvious enough how to unlock it.

    I’m the completionist type anyway, so… yay for me :yay:

  6. Burger

    As a 20+ years old player, EBF series always brings me into a fantasic fairytale, although not a big-budget productions, it contains most factors that the traditional RPG game had. For me it’s the AAA tier game~!

    had been waiting for long T_T

    A question plagued me for a long time: what’s the meaning of “Estavius” (Obviously it’s not a English vocabulary? unless it a kind of noun)

  7. Newwd

    Hi, i know the game is not finished yet but i think a NG+ feature would be cool, also adding some extra stuff for NG+ would be awesome.

  8. alex warner

    interesting idea would be if they were pulled into a vortex that makes the ebf series go to Bullet Haven series, for continuity


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