NES Foes

I tried making some EBF foes in NES style!
It’s actually really hard to get a decent amount of detail in there…

Which one is your favourite?
9 foes

16 thoughts on “NES Foes

  1. Oxybulyx

    So they are :
    Pink Jellyfish- ❓ – ❓
    ❓ – Ancient Eye – Spark Wraith
    Green Slime – Green Worm – Green Bush

    i don’t know some of them. What are they?

    1. Gina

      The right most red one looks like an octorok
      The middle red one is a cyclops snake
      IDK what the first yellow one is. :wut: A golem maybe?

  2. Only2ndplace

    I really like the first yellow one ^^
    Guess it just carries over best into the pixel design

  3. JustPlaying

    These are really nice :yay: , I remember when I tried to do some pixel arts, I failed miserably….. My favorite is the bush :smirk:


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