Fanart: Epic Boob Fantasy

I found the best fanart ever made.
It’s by OneWingedParrot.

I’m putting concept art and fanart into the mansion area of EBF5.
But all sorts of complications are coming up. I already can’t fit in all of my favourite fanart, there’s too much. And what about all the art that comes out after the game is released? The gallery will also need to obey the blood and cleavage filters. Will every artist reply when I ask how to credit them? Some of them don’t even speak English, or have vanished off the face of the internet. There’s a lot to consider!

It looks really good so far though.


10 thoughts on “Fanart: Epic Boob Fantasy

    1. Arte71

      I mean, this game has that Beholder that rapes a sexy magic woman so It isn’t that far off…

      and a nature girl with crazy hair…

      and a ex-nazi…

      and the creator itself…

      and maybe a cat with no limbs in the future…

      …that game sure isn’t ok…

      1. Frankie Rozsa

        im pretty sure its not an ex nazi, also it is very different from cringey hentai drawings. the beholder is at least censored fully but i guess ur right. the cat with no limbs isnt even bad like wtf, its a cartoon anyway.

        1. Arte71

          I mean I say ex-nazi because of the outfit that he used in the old games had a swastika in his arm so it kinda sticks with me.

          Also yeah, It is censored, although I wouldn’t think he would approve “cringey hentai fanart” without censoring it… but that would still be “weird hentai looking fanart”, unless he’s a mad lad.

          (also no, a cat isn’t fine too :scared:)


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