EBF5: Art Gallery

Alright, I’ve filled up the mansion with fanart, and left a few spaces for later.
Here’s what one room looks like. There’s also concept art in other rooms.

Now I need to hunt down all the artists and ask how to credit them.
Wish me luck.

And in case anyone’s forgotten, the mansion is the optional area that you unlock by collecting achievements!
gallery room copy

22 thoughts on “EBF5: Art Gallery

    1. Danexing

      that would be not only hilarious but it would make sense, i mean its not the first time they have broken the forth wall… (it it even exists any more….)

        1. Danexing

          i mean they are totally aware that they are in a game, and this is the first time characters interact with the art itself, rather then it being in a menu…. i know it does not make sense but in makes sense because none of it makes any sense if that makes sense to you. :hurray: :coffee:

    1. alex warner

      only harder this time, cause apparently the three headed dragon was tougher

      anyway I’m glad the achievement access only areas are back, that made getting all the achievements worth it

      cause it meant more weapons armor :yay:

    2. Dr. Grey

      Akron was an amazing boss. Also, give the EBF5 boss battle a nice dramatic ending, like you did with him! The one in EBF4 with Godcat was so anticlimactic.

  1. Arte71

    Man, I sure appreciate an “achievements-please” area, It makes more worthy to collect those shiny medals that I love.

    After all, I love being an achivement hunter/whore/acolyte/whatever, and a reward that is more than just a sound effect and a new image on your menu makes me even happier. :yay:

  2. JustAnotherEBFLover

    The three-headed dragon should be a boss in EBF5 (even if it isn’t, that’s ok). It was much more fun fighting that boss than it was with Akron or Godcat.

  3. Drake

    Cool stuff. How about allowing us to select the pictures we want to see on the wall? At this way we have access to every fanart possible and you don’t have to worry about space for them.

  4. Andrew S.

    An in-game gallery is an idea that I think should be in more games.
    On a side note, I wanted to ask if you would agree to an interview.
    I actually sent an email regarding this a few days ago, but decided to post a comment here just in case something went awry with that.
    You do some fine work, and I hope to hear back from you.

  5. Ennio_The_Legend

    Every couple of days I wander by the site hoping somehow it will be ready…. soon…. soon…. bacon :bacon:

    PS: Keep up the good work !!! (i know this phase is the wooooorst in game dev lol)

  6. Yoru Blue .M.

    oh god cat!! :stars: :love: i wish some fan art mine would get there, i always dreamed that you would see a fan art of mine, kupo. but i guess i need many years for that since i do not have deviantart and they let me do it. i guess maybe i’ll have a chance in the future. :cry:
    sorry if i wrote wrong or something like that :smirk:


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