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Here’s some fanart from SunnyTheSunFlower.
They’ve done quite a lot of EBF artworks now.

In other news, I went on a little trip to Edinburgh over the weekend to attend a wedding reception. Restaurants and weddings and social events aren’t my thing, but I enjoyed the time in the car and Airbnb a lot. Basically I enjoyed the travelling but not so much the events that I went there for. I’m not very surprised by myself.

It’s my second time in Edinburgh over the last few months – last time I went during the Fringe festival to see some comedy shows with a buddy. That was fun. Edinburgh is a really picturesque city – much more attractive than Glasgow. I’ve been a few times as a kid, but did not appreciate it until having a good look at the place as an adult. So I’ll have to visit some more in the future. Driving near the city centre is hell though.

Also it’s surprisingly easy to read a whole book in half a day when you’re away from the computer. All this extra time magically appears that you didn’t know you had. I really need to try harder to not waste my time on anti-social media. I read Fahrenheit 451 and Lord of the Flies. Good stuff. I’m on a streak of super depressing books lately.

I think I need to get back into the habit of writing longer blogs instead of Tweeting tiny snippets of my life at random. Blogs seem much more useful in terms of organising thoughts and documenting experiences.


6 thoughts on “Fanart & Blog

  1. M

    Exactly! Thoughts and feelings are well portrayed in writing, or in this case, typing. That’s why I love writing stories.
    I’m into reading Agatha Christie’s mystery novels right now. I don’t normally buy books but I bought 3 of hers in the past month.
    Glad to hear you enjoyed your retreat! :hurray:

  2. Toxella

    I made an NPC I like, I dunno if it’s too late for them or not but thought I might post. ➡ 2,10,7,8,2,10,34,7,2,18,53,2

    1. Joseph Howard

      That’s great, but I think you have to post the information on the Discord App. There should be a subtitle about characters, and it should be noticed more there.

  3. Joseph Howard

    Great! I just read a bunch yesterday as well! My brother has this book called “Zeroes”, about fictional teens with super-conditions, and it is intriguing. Hope your events were also really good! :yay: :hurray:


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