13 thoughts on “Fanart: Pyrohydra

  1. Arkanishu

    Seems like the creator of this art is unaware of the fact that dragons in EBF don´t have bodies :tongue:
    Great work though :yay:

    1. Joseph Howard

      Sure they do. I mean, it is likely that they do, and there isn’t enough room on screen to show it. The 3 Pyrohydra heads are part of the same creature in this case, so they must have a body in common.

        1. Oxybulyx

          In the ninth screen of Volcano Peak, where Pyrohydra’s overworld sprite is visible, you can clearly see a body.
          So yes, they have a body.

    1. DrFugue

      Hydras are a freakish mutation far removed from “true” dragons. That’s why they have no arms or wings, and multiple heads. Linnorms don’t have arms or wings either.

  2. JIM

    I remember this being a bitch and nine tenths to beat with me going as far as to actually grind to the max level just to beat it :yay: :yay: :scared: :scared:


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