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I’m really happy with some of the maps I’ve made lately. But it’s frustrating not being able to show them yet. I’ll make some more gifs once the foes and NPCs are placed, but even then I’m not showing off very much.

I’ve got the first two premium dungeons done. The first one is super pretty and has some reasonably challenging puzzles, and an interesting gimmick for the boss: you can choose which weather you prefer for the fight. The second one takes things in an even more experimental direction…. It’s the “get the paper out and take notes” type of puzzle solving. I’m sure some people will hate it, but I look forward to the reactions.

And finally, I often get asked how big the world map is compared to EBF4, and it’s looking like it’s going to be roughly double the size, on account of each map being 50% bigger and also building interiors increasing the size a lot.

Anyway, I’ve been trying to buy a house the last few weeks. It’s a very competitive market at the moment, with everything decent having around 5 people fighting over it. I’m not in a hurry yet, so I’m not going all out with my bids. It’s kind of fun looking at houses, but also sad when you get somewhat attached to them and then get outbid later. Oh well.

16 thoughts on “EBF5: Map Blog

  1. Uriel

    Wow, double the size of EBF4? That’s gigantic… and way more content for us! :stars:

    On a side note, good luck with finding a house, I’m certain you’ll find something suitable for you and Ronja. :smirk:

    On another side note, you’re doing so well on Patreon for the time you’ve been there, less than a month and you’re 3/4 away of your biggest goal! :yay:

  2. ShadowsSun

    Glad to hear that we’re getting some more experimental boss types. It’s always neat to see some more variety, and even if I don’t particularly enjoy it, It’d probably improve the game experience as a whole, just by mixing things up. Besides, what with the internet it’s not like anyone will end up completely stuck on it for ages if they can’t figure it out.

    I’ll take thinking time over grinding time any day. :smirk:

  3. Jmanx7

    EBF 5 is double the size of EBF 4 !?!?
    As if I wasn’t hyped enough already :stars:
    PS By premium do you mean they’re DLC or they’re unlocked by getting achievements?

  4. Danexing

    Does the premium mean DLC, achievements or the payed version of the game? I am an achievement hunter and I know I will buy all the dlcs and the game the day they come out! But I am still a little curious! Good luck on the house btw! :smirk: :coffee:

  5. Drake

    I’d like to drop a question here about the current state of already finished music. Will there be some feedback about this in the near future? Some news from Phyrrna? (Shame on me if I did spell the name wrong)

    I also would really appreciate if we could use the galerie’s music during playing the game instead of having it stop right after leaving the gallery. Making it accessible in-game could be a way. Also Finding some soundtracks from prequels would be fantastic too. (This could be an unlockable feature after completing the story mode)

  6. Hudson Thompson

    I just want to thank you for the hours of enjoyment you have provided me with the last several games. I remember playing your original 2 games, when I was a kid, and I have always kept an eye on the content you put out. I am looking forward to buying EBF5 and any DLC for it. Like I said I just wanted to thank you for everything you have done. :yay:

  7. alex

    2,5,19,24,2,2,3,2,2,4,6,2 for timeline matt. Timeline matt: Sometimes i ask myself: If I begin the game,I complete it half then I restart it and begin again…will i meet myself?
    What do you think? (need to put matt first in battle rounds)

    i know it has nothing with the post but take a look at it please

    i posted it here just bcz there are still a little amount of replies(hope you get much more)

  8. April

    I assumed there will be DLC-like premium dungeon like in EBF4, but will there also be an area unlockable by completing quests/achievements, like those guarded places with extra treasure in EBF3? I liked the feature a lot, it was a sort of reward for completionists like me.


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