EBF5: Making the World

Here’s a video of me making a map for EBF5, 600% sped up. The original recording was 45 minutes long. What’s not shown here is me putting in a few lines of code to make the interactive objects work, and cleaning up a few details at the end. Also I cut out the bits where I copied sprites from other maps, to avoid spoilers.

16 thoughts on “EBF5: Making the World

  1. ENMF

    Using assets is fine, in fact I give it an A+. If you didn’t, ebf5 would probably be coming out in 2035. I’m curious, does anyone know how long it takes Matt or whoever to draw the trees and rocks and npc’s and shit.

  2. Mephilus the King of swords

    somebody explain to me why an indi game company hasn’t hired this guy to help em out! :wut: 😡

  3. Ariel

    Watching this gives one a real sense of appreciation of how hard you work on these. There are so many sprites – how do you make them so fast? :stars:

  4. Maya

    I’m sure EBF5 will be AMAZING, seeing how much effort you’re putting into it. Can’t wait to play it, the map is just gorgeous :love: cheers :yay:

  5. Opdude1293

    I know that you’re not a ”100% Game Creator” but dude i love your work, i love EBF, you kinda created a whole universe with an amazing story, thanks dude.

  6. alex warner

    admittedly this does look a bit intimidating for just making it of Flash but I still would love to be a game designer

  7. Danexing

    Not trying to complain or anything but for last few posts on maps and stuff the % meter has been stuck at 71%. It looks like you have done so much work making the maps, and throughout all that effort it was not even 1% of the game. Is this just based on the file size or maybe just has not been updated yet, or is it not as much work as it seems. Sorry for complaining, but I check this website every day, and it is a big part of the website for me. :smirk: :coffee:

  8. Guimbot

    This is SO impressive ! Thanks for your commitment and theses fantastic games you made. Can’t wait :stars:

  9. Quinn

    Aw man I knew this was how the maps were made! There’s just something so nice about games that use copied or repeated assets and palette’s, like if you had the right tools you could make a map yourself. :yay:

    Oh, please make a map creator minigame after EBF5! Wait…no, that honestly would be too much, so…don’t do it! :scared: EBF5 is gonna be a great enough game already, I can tell!

  10. Altarius

    I know I’m just a random guy, but I really respect your hard work :smirk: I wish I would put so much effort in important things I do, but I simply can’t :meh: If I compare your work to what I did, I am at 0.0000001% of the work you have done until now. I know this is just a game and not the cure for cancer, but you should be really happy about having such IT skills, while I can’t even make coffee :coffee: .


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