11 thoughts on “EBF5: Fortress Gif

  1. Dark_Forces48

    looks pretty easy, even if i dont assume i have the magnetic boots i can still get past onto it… maybe its a bluff so we will try it? just kidding :yay:

  2. X

    Yeah, puzzles that are able to be traced from end to beginning aren’t really all that hard, especially if it only requires a single choice for each chest. :smirk:

    Block puzzles, on the other hand… :scared:

  3. Dutczar

    “Hardest compulsory puzzle” I found the right pathways to each chest (assuming I have magnetic boots that is) in lik half a minute tops

  4. Vinidum

    Doesn’t look that hard to me. It was quite easy to solve actually. I would love it if you included some harder puzzles^^

  5. Shraderc.inc

    these dont look that hard, i think it would be good to step them up, with like levers or constantly switching tiles so you have to time it

  6. SomePrick

    I was hoping that slamming into one of the spiked balls might do something, but it doesn’t look like any of the paths lead into one.

  7. Flarix

    Quite obvious “Choose 1 of 3 options”, then another “Choose 1 of 3 options”. Wouldn’t consider it hard even for mandatory puzzle. The hardest point would be to remember to return with magnetic boots later. If my judgement is correct, battery sequence in EBF4 was more complicated, so I think it is safe to raise the bar a bit more (if there was not many requests for help with battery juggling in EBF4, of course).

    By the way, ever thought of giving the option to brawn your way around some really difficult mandatory puzzles? Wonder, what choice would a player make if he is capable of taking both options.


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