EBF5: Minecraft

Here’s an EBF Minecraft scene from RoboIepiii34.

I didn’t get much work done this week because I was celebrating Halloween (cooked 8kg of pumpkin) and almost bought a house (it’s not a good market for buyers right now…), but next week I’ll aim to crunch forward.

5 thoughts on “EBF5: Minecraft

  1. Brian Thompson

    and what about a mod FOR EBF of a gamemode that allows people to use change party members for the captured foes…something like persona or pokemon XD

  2. Az0riusG4m3r

    Props to Robo for the high-res weapons! :love:

    I’ve periodically considered making an RPG-themed Minecraft mod, possibly inspired by EBF, SMT/Persona, and/or Crystal Story for skills and items, with some mechanics based on the Roblox game Elemental Battlegrounds.
    The main problems include repeatedly delaying attempts to familiarize myself with how that would all be done.


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