EBF5: Halloween House

Here’s a seasonal house for ya. I think I’m doing a much better job this time of making each house look unique: They’ve all got a different theme going on in them. The world map is going well but it’s taking longer than planned… mostly because it’s a bit bigger than it needs to be. I’m sure no one will complain once it’s done.

Also huge thanks for the Patreon pledges! I’m at $400 per month already!
I hope my patrons will be patient as there won’t be any exclusive content for them until the world map is done… or maybe I’ll just post the first half of it earlier. *shrugs*

halloween house

8 thoughts on “EBF5: Halloween House

  1. JustAnotherEBFLover

    Matt : I want the chest, but I don’t want the owner to see me….. :neutral: :neutral:

    Lance : Look what happened to the last person that tried that….they became a skeleton!!!! :scared: :scared:

    Owner : Come closer, child…. :evil: :evil:


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