45 thoughts on “EBF5: Limit Breaks Video

    1. Ayzev

      I personally actually like this new one
      Maybe I just haven’t fully grown out of the horny teen phase yet, but still ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  1. Thrynity

    The new Kyun, feel less cute innocent girl
    But I think that by spamming it and always clicking on it
    She got used to it.
    Can’t wait to read the reply she bring to the rest of the group

  2. bungus

    looks amazing, can’t wait to play it

    PS. The falling bullets should do damage even if it just a tiny amount


    Since when did noleg command gods? I mean, the creator was piloted by one of the cat god, and noleg get to tell him to help on demand? Do gods really like chilli sauce that much?!? :wut: :wut: :wut: :wut:

    1. Dutczar

      Then again, there IS a mature checkbox in the options of the game, at least in the map demo. I’m assuming that affects the Limit Break

  4. Ray

    Everybody here is talking about Natz showing approximately as much skin as the average swimsuit, but I’m slightly more concerned that NoLegs pulled the Final Boss of the last game out of his rectum, how tf did he get that? :!:

  5. Alex Warner

    How exciting, cant wait to see Natz look sexy, though maybe if you put that into mature content so if anyone wants to do a lets play on youtube then they wont since it will probably be demonetized

    cause I certainly will want to do a lets play of this when it comes out

  6. Qwil

    Can i just say, I really am into this series, and no matter what you do with it I will be happy. However, I was a bit surprised to see that there is a mature option now, but I am okay with this. Good things are happening. :yay:

  7. po.Opbear

    The physical and magical type symbols with the description of magical element x (bomb, holy etc.) look kinda weird on the first glance. :?:
    >Tank Limit Break
    >Type: Physical
    >’Magical’ Bomb Element

  8. Anonymous (not rlly)

    Well everything is just WOW :love: :love2: :stars: ,but the new Kyun is fucked up :neutral: … PUT back please the old one as it was in EBF4…. :cry: :tongue: :sad:


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