21 thoughts on “EBF5: Ice Temple

  1. LazerRay

    Now we need to find crystals to open doors, more key items to use in multiple places. :yay:

    Also the “eye” thing reminds me of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, I wonder if that was planed and if there might be more references to other games like how you did in the previous EBFs. :shades:

  2. SoloKat

    Game: “You need 3 more diamonds to unlock this gate”

    Lance: “Let’s blow this piece of sh*t up. I’ve got my nuke ready!”

  3. Shraderc.inc

    So can you just copy and paste assets while changing the color scheme?

    also with that new tech could it be open to mods so people can create new areas?

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      Mod support isn’t something I’m really interested in. Flash probably isn’t the best engine for it either.

      Well, the in-game text will be easy to mod for translation reasons, but that’s about it.

  4. Griff

    I love all of the previous games, and I can’t wait to see how this’ll turn out, Mainly if there will be more characters implemented, and if the battle style adds more additions and is changed a bit! :yay:

  5. Spirare

    This section looks ever so slightly impossible.


    Lets see here…

    The stone floor never changes elevation.
    There are several elevated blocks partway into the floor.
    The snow sits perfectly on top of the blocks, and doesn’t change elevation behind it.
    The snow also sits perfectly on top of the stone floor, and isn’t elevated above the rest of the floor either.



    Speaking of which, this somewhat reminds me of one of my main issues with the EBF games: The attacks often aren’t correctly layered. That is, they’re set to always be in front of the players, so some some rocks jutting out of the ground from an attack on the middle character will be seen over the bottom character, even though that wouldn’t make any sense normally.

    A good example with one of the bosses:


    The boss is visibly going through the center towards the middle slime, but the boss and uprooted dirt are clearly seen on top of the bottom slime.

    It’d be great if you could figure out a way to fix that for EBF5.

      1. Matt Roszak Post author

        Oh, this should already be fixed in the battle demo.
        Though some of the boss physical attacks will still have the problem, hopefully it’s not too noticeable in action.

  6. Fiftycentis

    we killed a demon, we killed a god, now only aliens remains, and they are gonna die too :shades:

    even if it’s a wip i don’t like the cristal pedestrals, they look like putted on the snow and not covered by snow how it should be


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