47 thoughts on “EBF5: ???

  1. Druanach

    I already hate this level with all my heart (those fucking monoliths are always killing my party :sad: )

    It looks awesome though, good job! :stars:

  2. Jeffrey Webb

    considering that it’s pattern has been showing up some equips and foes, could the cosmic monoliths be a key part of the story now :?:

  3. Trycka

    I’m the only one under the effect of this word ? HYPE HYPE HYPE !!!!!!!!! Can’t wait to play this game. Will be day one if there is a prenium form just to support you to keep making such great games. So hard to find such good games online today

  4. Thrynity

    I can see a orb-slot
    I see cosmic monolit, I play epic so they instantly charge…
    like in the ancient temple levels…
    and their is switch too…

  5. Jason Heinz

    So hyped for this area alone. I mean, you’ve already got my money, but this just makes me want it even more.

  6. NoobDrakath

    Could it be like some boss area? We maybe fight some huge rock thingy with those red runes on it? Could it also be the location where you fight Akron for last time? :wut:

  7. Fiftycentis

    nope nope nope nope, fuck that monoliths, i’m gonna stop here and restat the game everytime, i hate them

  8. TheScionOfPride

    Imagine if there were various beasts, but made of chunks of cosmic monolith :stars: huehuehue (like cosmic idols, or some sort of Mighty Oak / hulking beast sort of thing.

  9. Fiftycentis

    i love to see the comments and understand that i’m not the only one hating those monoliths… well… tons of monoliths incoming

  10. Lenike02

    I hate monolits so much, and cosmic monolits are the worst… :scared:
    But thats why this will be my favourite part, i can defeat them! :stars:
    (sorry for bad english)

  11. Chad

    This place does look badass, though I was never afraid of Cosmic Monoliths, they were very easy to kill as long as you had the Pope outfit and Seraphim for Nat, the original uniform for Lance with the dark blaster (forgot the names), and Mage hat with the Ninja costume for Matt, all fully upgraded the Cosmic Monoliths main explosive attack doesn’t do any damage to any of them, just heals Matt and Lance and inflicts 0 damage damage to Nat

  12. MR LIAO

    Wow!!i am looking forward to enjoying this great game!!!Crying to see that ebf5 is on developing,i am very excited!!!!!!as a chinese player it is the most playful mini-game i have played!!!!


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