EBF5: Tree Interior

Fleshed out the tree interiors enough so that I can actually fit some interesting rooms in them.
The Mystic Woods area is probably gonna be the most vertically layered area in the game, with ground, inside, and canopy sections.
tree guts

14 thoughts on “EBF5: Tree Interior

  1. Shraderc.inc

    so is this like a petrified tree? also a personal question. Have you ever played Dungeons And Dragons? any true nerd has at least played a dungeon with their friends

  2. Thomas Luffman

    Getting to that chest on the left looks super interesting. It looks like it will need a slime cat or some other shortcut activated later to be able to re-access the room from the top side.

  3. nekogardens

    bet there’s gonna be an inside joke about lance commenting about how the insides of trees look bigger than they look from outside :yay: :yay:

  4. Fiftycentis

    i don’t like very much the walls if it’s a living tree, if it’s a petrified/dead/cursed one maybe, but i think that you are gonna do more work on it

  5. Drake

    The walls of the tree look like “rocks”, but maybe it’s just my feeling. Some brighter brown and maybe seeing some annual rings which trees usually have. Still looks nice, though.

    1. Dewayne Thomas

      I think it’s supposed to look like rocks because the trees were carved out by people or maybe no legged felines. Think it looks good. The swirls on the ground, a couple of them look like they can suck you down through the floor.


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