21 thoughts on “EBF5: Iron Fortress

  1. Devin de Vries

    It’s funny how this style is even more vivid and colorfull then that of EBF4, yet it’s also more relaxing to look at :smirk:

  2. Scarfitt

    Really cool but I think the toxic barrels look a bit out of place, unless inside it’s a bit like the factory or something like that. :?:

    1. Spirare

      Looking at the top, the floor is made of metal past the initial stone barricade – which is also reinforced with metal, plus there’s the cannon. It’s basically a hybrid of technology and medieval from what I see, so the barrels don’t look too out of place.

    1. Spirare

      Probably bomb and earth will be primarily featured here, while bomb would probably be globally effective against the enemies, aside from the usual few extra elements and couple resistant to bomb so you can’t just use the same attacks and equipment throughout the whole zone.

      The castle is a hybrid of metal and stone, so it’ll probably feature both robots and rocky enemies.

  3. Rebekkafire

    WOOOOOOW!!!! :stars: :ooo:
    Matt, you’re amazing! I’m a BIG fan (me and two other guys in my class). Hope Adobe Flash works when EBF5 comes out… :smirk:

  4. Spirare

    Looks very nice, and will probably have some interesting designs inside.
    I’m guessing the hovertank will be the boss here.

    I also see you added a ladder. I don’t think that’s been used before. But will the cannon do anything?

  5. Trycka

    The more i learn about your next game, the more i’m hyped about it. Can’t wait to play it. And be sure i’ll buy it when it’ll be out just to support your future project.

  6. Marcus Williams

    I want to visit this place…. it reminds me of the good old days. Getting ganked again and again while exploring Runescape’s wilderness.

    I’m assuming that there’s gonna be fallen here?


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