EBF5: Farm

Here’s something I think the previous games were lacking: Farm and market assets!
Someone pointed out they don’t want all the game areas spoiled, and if you feel the same you should avoid my blogs for the next month or so. I might keep some a secret, but I’m not very good at that. I prefer to show off what I’m working on.

12 thoughts on “EBF5: Farm

  1. Ausar Pendragon

    Showing spoilers just make the anticipation for a new area higher for me, because I can’t wait for details to appear that you didn’t show.

  2. Dewayne Thomas

    I don’t see this as a problem showing the game content since that’s kinda why people come here but to each their own. Got a question for yuh Matt, have you played super mario world or super mario rpg? Asking because they had some really cool dynamic areas that changed depending on events unfolding. Something I could see in this game is like a smog filled area that clears up after you beat the fog creating boss that unviels certain hidden things that you couldn’t see before. Or a boss that wants to blow up something and detonates it as you beat him which then opens up a secret area like blowing open a dam that then fills an area with water so you can use what looks like a raft to reach new places. I could probably think of a few dozen more events if you want some ideas.

      1. Dewayne Thomas

        I’ve never worked with flash before but I thought you could maybe kinda use the same thing you used with the candles to light the room up. Just have the trigger set after boss is defeated. Can you add extra layers to areas like water depending on IF statements? Like how you have layers in photoshop? Or load a different screen entirely with the water added and moveable spaces changed? Well idk, wish i did.
        Anyway, I really like how you set up the factory in ebf4 with the keys an switches and the hidden area. All the switch puzzles actually, and how you used a monolith to block off one of the clues on the wall in the 3rd one.
        This might be a major spoiler so feel free to ignore this question but, what animals can we harrass in this one? I was gonna end this with a blank staring cat face but the emoticons don’t seem to be working.

  3. Harken

    I love seeing the process and spoilers don’t ruin the game for me, but for those that do try using the classic “Spoiler” box that hides whatever text or images are inside until you press the show content button. Other than that I would love to see “Chest Tiers” that way you can understand what level or type of reward you can expect from it (Although I always try my best to get em all cause I cant sleep right if I leave a poor chest all alone and cold in a jungle/factory/ruin/etc.).

  4. Spirare

    I guess you could put some food merchants here? Maybe they could even sell some unique items that aren’t put in normal places, like “organic” items that provide slightly different effects from the usual ones.

  5. Seremo

    Looking pretty good! I would suggest updating the chests design maybe? Giving them a fresh new look for EBF5 would be neat :yay:

  6. Shraderc.inc

    Hay has anyone seen the new DLC announced for Darkest Dungeon. VAMPIERS FOR THE WIN. also, you have already had farms, they have just been particularly small.

  7. Kai

    In shape; It’s pretty good I like it. The tents seem a bit like a hammock… but no problem. What is that red thorny thing.. ❓ I could not understand it. Straw bale is nice.
    Suggestions Writings:
    1- Farm use feature; Be able to plant and use plants in the farm, then sell them to the market or consume them as food… We can use it in animals in the same way.
    Extra suggestion: Buying or renting a house (to be able to sleep.. It can even day and night. or more)… I do not know, just a suggestion. :smirk:


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