EBF5: Tropical Forest

Here’s the result of another day of drawing map stuff. I’m very happy with how this turned out. The trees especially are very flexible since they’re made of several parts.

This could be part of the starting area perhaps.
Once again I’ll have to point out that these are not real maps yet, I’m just drawing assets.

17 thoughts on “EBF5: Tropical Forest

  1. Kai

    Yes a little more beautiful. But the map looks good.(I especially loved those flexible bichromatic trees, and the light colored curvaceous plant on the ground is also beautiful. Mushrooms gave wonderful color to the map).
    Suggestion Writings:
    1-It can be a different adventure in a big tree: The tree will be big. (Such as ebf4 in the greenwood village). Can go on top of the tree (in passing, the map “toggle animation” can be used). The top can go up to the clouds. somewhere may be the way. a map of the bough of the tree can pass into the portion. The road on the tree bough….
    2-Ivy blocking the road: a- the key can be used to cut (like the axe in ebf4) but something else. b- ivy can be used as a puzzle (The puzzle will be all over that episode. For example, like buttons in the Waste Disposal Plant section on EBF4).

  2. Uriel

    *This could be part of the starting area perhaps.*
    Oh, we’ll get to see Matt cry at a puzzle right off the back? :tongue: lol

  3. Shraderc.inc

    NICE!!! it looks new, like different from your other jungles. it looks like the jungles i used to live next to next to the ocean in the Philippines. LOTS OF LEECHES LIKE OH GOD THEIR EVERYWHERE THERE ON MY FRIENDS DOGS EYE LIDS! anyway… creative and fun way to put a twist on something.

  4. Lechintan Tudor

    Looks pretty but I’ve already seen this in the previous games. New environments would be nice.

  5. Spirare

    This is very nice. You can clearly see a massive art evolution between each game.

    But then how would EBF6 look like? :ooo:

  6. Stopwatch

    Gotta say, I like this test map a lot more. Things look a lot more natural and vibrant here.

    I wouldn’t complain if you used this (or even just a slightly altered version) in the final game. It’s got a very simple ‘tutorial’ block puzzle and chests that are obscured but not TOO hidden. It gives new players a decent idea of what to expect and what to look out for.

  7. TONTAN1337

    You should use this as the starting area, just so that it’s the same with the other games.

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