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Hey guys, there’s not been much news on EBF5 because I’ve been working on behind-the-scenes stuff, like debugging and translation infrastructure. I’ve got all the text in the game in neat seperate files now, so this should save me a lot of time doing translations in the long run, and I’ll probably end up doing more languages than before. I’m considering adding Chinese and Russian and maybe others. (I’m not looking for volunteers yet, this is still quite some time away)

The weather’s been unusually nice, so that’s been distracting me. Spending a lot of time at the parents’ house playing with dogs and Lego. Also the EBF Discord server is doing pretty well, there’s over 800 members already and some interesting chat topics.

Anyway, the EBF5 battle system is almost bug free! I’m gonna get Ronja to play it for a while and then I’ll release that battle demo. I’ll be annoyed if you guys find a lot of bugs, I’ve already spent so long on them…

27 thoughts on “EBF5 things

  1. No One

    Where has the seraphim staff gone?! It was my favorite. I would be really happy if it was in this game. Also the blue dress from EBF4. It was really good looking but mostly the black dress from EBF4. Also the the Hela’s staff was awesome… And what about crystal staff? It was Natalie’s basic staff and now it’s gone :( :( I also think that Nimbus staff was awesome looking at EBF3 but I don’t really find attractive the way it looks in EBF5. I hope you read my comment.. It’s the second time I comment this because I wasn’t sure if you saw it the first time. The first time I commented it at Natalie and Evil Natalie mini game post. :neutral: :neutral:

  2. Trycka

    Don’t worry if we (players) find bugs in your demo. That way we will say them to you and we will feel like we were a part of the project.

  3. Shraderc.inc


    its so nice to know your still enjoying life while doing work

    can you send pics of the dogs?

  4. WhatIsEBF5?

    Matt : I found be annoyed if you guys find a lot of bugs.
    Me : There’s a lot of bugs in EBF4. The Yellow bee, the Purple Bee, the Moths……

  5. Dave

    Nice one dude, take the week off, take the year off if you want, you’ve definitely earned it.

    It’s lovely to hear that you’re having a nice time with your family, like I don’t know you so I shouldn’t care but I do.

    Don’t work too hard! And please please make sure you’re enjoying what you’re doing. I’d hate to think you’d fallen out of love with EBF but felt compelled to finish it just for the sake of your fanbase. Not that I think that that’s the case, but it happens.

    You should enjoy making your games as much as we enjoy playing them! And I hope that’s the case!


  6. MorganRue

    Wait, since No Legs is the new playable character, does that mean we start as No Legs and gather the rest of the crew? :stars:

  7. Gman Shadow

    If for SOME reason you’l also translate to romanian, I’l gladly do the translations. :smirk:
    P.s. : breakfast :coffee: :bacon:

  8. ChaosSorceror_Davidicus

    I don’t mind a lack of news, I know yer working on it, and I know you’d tell us if you gave up or something (not that I’d want you to do that {what? you hate money? :tongue: }), so I don’t mind.

  9. Alex (XyaZ27)

    Hey Matt, is there anyway to improve lag or is it my computer?

    also as soon as I get a steam account together I would love to buy EBF 3, 4, and when 5 fully comes out

    as well as the extra content

    if you ever need a game tester, I wouldn’t mind trying :smirk:

  10. TheBaddus

    Hi Matt, I love your games so much!

    I’m italian, and I’m pretty skilled with english, so if you want to translate EBF5 in italian I can try to give it a shot :smirk:


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