29 thoughts on “EBF5: Testing Options

  1. Solomon

    …what the f***, i’ll never wrap my head around the idea of zero health for enemies…

    do they die instantly, or are they 1-hit KO’s?

  2. Cyan The Epic

    So hyped for EBF5! :stars: Looks like it’s gonna be absolutely massive, and awesome, as always! Looking forward to seeing more sneak peeks before the game is released!

    1. Mehmet II

      It looks like this image is going to be part of a demo Matt’s gonna release soon. And he’ll probably put the entire game here for beta testing before the public release like he did with BH2

  3. SomaSam

    Does cleavage remove all ‘sexual-themes’? Like Natalies clothes, and the cyclopses?
    I don’t mind the content in your game, I just want to have some of Natalie’s alternate gear because some of it looks quite nice.
    Do you think there will be an option to not censor anything but let Natalie’s alt gear be used instead? Or is that exactly what that toggle does and nothing else?

      1. Wellwater

        Well, if my opinion can be counted, I’d greatly prefer to not have to weigh the benefits of a given item vs its skimpiness, so letting “Cleavage” turn off associated visual effects without making items unavailable would be quite nice.

        I assume “Flashes” means seizure risks? Could maybe be a bit clearer, perhaps with a tooltip or just rephrasing to “rapid flashing” or the like.

        1. A Wikia Editor

          The option does not lock out outfits from use, it only adjusts them visually. It would really be pointless if it removed them completely.

      1. Stefan

        Hey Matt , great game i hope it’s gona be a long and hard this time with even more quests and i got 2 questions: 1 How much it will cost for the full version and when you think you’re gona finish the game? ill say july?

  4. Ebffan

    i know the game has not finished yet but when it is are you planning to make a steam version? and if you are is it for free? :yay:

    1. Nikola Jarić

      Kupo said some time ago that the steam version will cost 12$-15$, if I’m correct. :neutral: (Though, having the premium content as DLCs could be an option…)

  5. Shraderc.inc

    would love to play (on starting) those brave souls that wish to sacrifice there enjoyment of the games story can test that other stuff


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