Showing off some new foes in EBF5!

I made another video showing off some new foes in Epic Battle Fantasy 5.
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18 thoughts on “Showing off some new foes in EBF5!

  1. Eskil "Zacroxx" Nyberg

    Awesommmee! That honestly looks amazing… like man, I can’t wait. I was just wondering what resolution the game will support? I’m guessing you’re not making it 4k but 1080p?

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      It can support whatever, it just depends on how much power I want to give users. Even 1080p is a high resolution for a Flash game, but I’ll probably go with that as the max.

  2. TwinLeadersX

    So…NoLegs has an ultra-powerful healing move which also happens to revive dead allies and give all alive ones the revive status, at the cost of a comparably long 10 turn cooldown time.
    (To put it in comparison, Matt’s most iconic and powerful Legend has a 2-turn cooldown, and apparently has no downside to using it.)

    And he can also summon the 4th Final Boss.

    OK Then.

  3. Stephen

    Wow! I absolutely love what you did with the godcat limit break for nolegs! EBF5 is looking awesome!

  4. Cody

    200% chance to Dispel on the Destroyer limit break! Does that mean that enemies that have 50% dispel resistance or less will always get dispelled?

  5. Leroy

    Woooooow :stars: That was cool i never thought of using the voodoo doll like that (hitting it hurts you tricky!)
    Question time! Can we also see a vid on how the capture and summoning ability works :smirk: ? It’s okay if not I know it might be considered an inconvenience to you. :yay:
    P.S. is there a capture rate for monsters? and do different types of monsters with different body structures (like the reg slime and Ice cream slime) have the same summon ability? Or does every monster have there own unique summon ability? Does weather change a summon ability? Can you catch bosses? Is there a limit to how many catches and summons you can have?! :ooo: all the possibilities…

  6. Savannalove

    What happen to Anna the voodo doll, she looked so sad :ooo:
    Well nevermind I still love this game, make more video of this game!
    :smirk: :yay: :hurray: :stars: :love2: :love: :shades:

  7. ChaosSorceror_Davidicus

    The more and more I see of NoLegs’ abilities, the more I am starting to love the little legless feline. He could easily end up being a part of the core group for me. I understand that this game will emphasize swapping teammates out more, but I feel like he will be a regular on the field regardless. That group heal/revive sounds AMAZING. :love:

  8. Voidsword

    So will the voodoos still damage characters in backup too? Otherwise I’d just switch out whoever’d get damaged by them.

    Also, 5000SP? But only 8SP per medium mob kill. How much are summons going to cost? :scared:


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