38 thoughts on “Music: Return of the Snow Queen

  1. PiePeter

    Good to see this track is going in. Was already kind of hoping for it. Also, I love how Chrystalis Fantasia is incorporated into the song. :love2: Much love to Phyrnna

  2. Ariel

    Ah i was listening to this today, and some legend commented that you had just confirmed it was going into EBF5. Serves me right for not checking the EBF5 archives before i switched on my music :yay:

  3. Phil

    Never thought a techno-styled ice-themed song could be so catchy, but guess who promptly skyrocketed through my expectations? :stars:

  4. Drake

    Yo Matt. Talking of music, there’s a thing which bothers me about the in game music. Would it be possible to give us an option to customize the background music and/or giving us a checkbox option which allows us to keep the music of the adventure map playing when entering a battle without fading out?

    Programming a music customization might be some work I believe but the checkbox feature might be imaginable. It would be no problem if it would become a premium content but I think many other people would enjoy listening their favourite soundtrack while playing. This feature could also be bound to NG+ or the completion of the 1st playtrough (medal).

      1. Drake

        Actually i didn’T want comment this but maybe I really need to add a few missing lines.
        Customizing in terms of in-game music, like making adventuremap music to battle music or make a desert song play in the icy areas. Swapping or changing songs(maybe zonewise) from the EBF library is what I’ve thought of.

        @Lechindan Tudor: What you described is exactly that what I’m doing when i’m tired of never-ending looped songs or if I just want to play sth from the hard disk. :!:

        1. CatWarrior

          you’re right i would also love to have something swap ignore songs because i barely find out the names of the soundtracks to play them via Youtube or something

  5. Phoenix

    This sounds like something going to be used in a boss battle 0-0.
    The beginning sounds like a stage theme but it becomes seriously action filled past the 2 minute mark.
    Feels like the gang are trying to survive in face of dire circumstances.
    Would love to hear this song in game :love: :love: :love:
    :hurray: :hurray: :hurray: :hurray:

  6. Kupofan

    I absolutely loved this song when Phy released it -and still do!-, but I actually wonder how you’ll use it in the game. It is too intense for a town/icy cave, and it doesn’t sound like a battle theme, either.
    Still, I’m not worried. I think you’ll manage to make it fit somewhere (maybe you already have something in mind?)

    1. Drake

      Well, for general usage I think the same way but I wouldn’t say this song isn’t usable like it is now. As a soundtrack for the final areas in the storyline, which can have real epic and intense sounds,it would fit. Just to keep the theme of the song there should be icy/cold final areas but I don’t think it’s impossible to arrange with that, like for example having sth. primeval lurking and sleeping in the deep ice. Such a story might be imaginable I believe.

      For general usage, maybe adjusting some soundchannels and make the whole song sound more peacely and more silent could do it as well, but I personally like the idea of using this song for the (pre-)final stages. :smirk:

  7. Asian

    I shall now make a piano mashup from one of the songs in in one of the games. (Also with the shi*tiest soft ware possible)

  8. Profist

    My bro already showed me this, and I liked how it had all the snow themes combined into one.
    I could mainly here bullet heaven 2, adventure story and EBF4 though XD
    Love this anyways :stars:

  9. Dutczar

    Let’s see…it doesn’t feel like overworld music as the latter part is more active, and the beggining is mystical like some Final/Secret Boss theme. So it’s safe to assume this plays in battle. But with the title being related to a secret area, it can’t be a Final/Secret Boss. And I’m not sure about it being a theme for a normal boss that probably won’t be too long. I say…either some Alternate boss theme (Death Mountain-style) to an ice boss or one of these encounters that throws like 5-6 waves of enemies at you.

  10. AWS

    I heard the glacier valley from EBF3 and a Cristalis Fantasia remix, but I also get vibes from the Factory, I’ll assume it’s either an overworld theme or a Boss Fight theme.

    1. Drake

      Oh yeah, after Crystalis the factory was the 2nd soundtrack which hooked me instantly, but the Divine Madness song from EBF3 also gave me creeps :scared: . I’m also hoping for a comeback for this song. If it is a new version or just a song for optional bosses or challenges doesn’t matter.

  11. ChaosSorceror_Davidicus

    I was curious as to when we’d start hearing about the EBF5 soundtrack. Phyrnna’s stuff is half the reason I love these games. The other half being that it is a solid pure turn-based combat.

  12. ExceleKurokami

    Phyrnna as a playable party member! (I wish, even if it was a DLC)

    Absolutely love the song, Phyrnna is a real genius. I get the steam versions because it supports the creators of this wonderful series and lets me listen to the soundtracks. The puns, poking at Eldritch Abominations with sharp swords and storylines just add to the great games.

  13. Nibbles13

    Listening to this I can imagine a frozen cave area aginst a boss who looks like the Ice Queen from “The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe” standing in her chariot looking regal but pissed off

  14. A Person

    This song brings to mind a boss battle but not just any kind… no a boss battle in a snowy are especially a forest . put this as the boss battle to a snowy forest that would be perfect for this song


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