Programmed some fun enemies today!

Mammoths have a strong will to live, and may revive when killed UNLESS they are tired. When they eventually die, they may give you the hungry status, causing players to eat uncontrollably.

Haunted Mirrors reflect magic, give bad luck when smashed, and smash themselves at low HP to attack with the glass shards.

19 thoughts on “Programmed some fun enemies today!

  1. Uriel

    Bad luck? Reviving enemies!? Uncontrollable eatin’?!?!?! This is gonna be a hard game… They will also end up as fat as Natalie. lol :evil:

    1. Radene

      Hey now, that’s rude. Natalie is “soft” and “squishy” and Anna wants to touch her.

      Also, I am sure Matt is not going to have any problem at all.

  2. Hades

    Sounds fun indeed! If you manage to give most enemy a gimmick, I believe that would make combat a lot more engaging. Maybe an enemy type could attack before the players when they spawn (like assassins or something). Or a thief that would occasionally steal and eat an healing item. Don’t have much other idea right now but it isn’t like I’m the one making decisions. Keep up the good work. I hope your “advanced” AI isn’t to troublesome to code.

  3. Ancient Jumper

    Would be interesting if eating too much in a single battle would give a “Fattened” status effect causing players to look more porky than usual with decreased Speed but increased Defense.

  4. ChaosSorceror_Davidicus

    I can handle foes that revive themselves. I can handle foes that curse me. But a status effect that makes me uncontrollably consume my consumables?! That is evil. Pure. Pure evil.

    Do I love the idea? Abso-floggin’-lutely. I also hate the idea, because I have to deal with it when it crops up, and I’m SURE the Mammoth won’t be the only perpetrator! :mad:

  5. Devin de Vries

    If you’re gonna do all this stuff, might as well keep the ‘slimed’ effect in.

    Oh boy this game is gonna be a ride.

    1. Pablo Melon

      they are so thought that every adventurer wants to kill one to make a name for himself, and ends decimating their population

  6. Stefan Kriechmus

    how about a buff for “scary” ghosts like that forces the player to use defend? – something like trembling?

        1. RNGesus

          I hope he adds a difficulty above Epic, something like Impossible difficulty, that is not meant to be beaten by anyone other than the best players.


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