32 thoughts on “EBF5: Mini Player Icons

  1. Nikola Jarić

    Yaaaay!!! They’re really cute ^_^ Gonna take me a while to get used to them, though, as Matt and Lance look VERY weird without their hats and Natz is a bit less weirder than Matt without her ribbons. Man, NoLegs is cute! ^_^

  2. Day 1

    Awesome job, dude! I sent you a bunch of emails back when you just released epic battle fantasy 1 and it’s so nice to see you grow and become an accomplished game designer.

  3. Shraderc.inc

    Just a question for the good sir, im thinking of blowing my money on binding of isac and i would, exept i dont know when this game will come out, so in your profesional opinion, will the game be done After 15/apr/2017 :wut:

  4. E812

    Hey, Matt, there are some questions for you.
    1st. Can I be beta tester, please? It will be very exiting for me^^
    2nd. I am working about my fanfic to the EBF4(maybe, Lance won’t die at the end of EBF4, and I’ll write some more]. What about dying – Lance got a soul from our world, so now he has got a skill – world crossing) You know, Copyright and others. Do you agree?
    P.S. Sry for my bad english ; ). I am not english. I’m russian.
    P.P.S. My english friend in game could not determine my sex, so, I’m male :smirk:

  5. Shraderc.inc

    so has worked halted for some unknown reason

    i haven’t seen any new posts or an increase in the progress bar?

  6. Jack Dague

    I’m really excited for this game. I’ve been enjoying the series since I found EBF3 a few years ago, and now I find out a sequel to the enjoyable fourth game is almost halfway done! I by no means expect it to be done withing a few months, it’s a big game and your a small team, if not even a single developer. I just want to ask one thing though: How exactly will nolegs’ character work? We’ve had a pretty clear line so far, with Matt being the offensive, Natalie being the support/magic user, Lance being the debilitator, and Anna being a more elemental physical fighter, meaning we’ve covered most things. No matter what you do though, I’m excited to be able to at last play as the sword-and-shield wielding limbless cat that I’ve grown to love.


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