Pink Crosses!

Found out today that using the red cross in video games violates the Geneva Convention and that they’re going after some devs who do.  So I updated my red crosses to pink crosses!

This is such a ridiculous story though. The law is beyond common-sense crosses

33 thoughts on “Pink Crosses!

    1. Bladesinger

      Apparently there’s a lot of history behind it; basically the red cross is an internationally protected symbol that is used in times of war to signal healing, an using it in any other context diminishes its value ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. Still, I agree, the law is a bit ridiculous haha :bleh:

  1. Nattorpedia

    Speaking of stupid laws, did you know that in the EU they have to label peanut butter with: ‘WARNING: contains peanuts’ ( insert captain obvious or ya don’t say meme here)
    Get it together, government! :mad:

    1. master

      are you kidding me? is its a called penut butter on the dam lable, theres no point of putting warring contains penuts. we’re not dumb. -_-

      1. QwertyStan

        In this case its more for law simplicity, putting to many exception makes it a pain in the arse, and easier to wiggle around.

    2. Trycka

      You want a really stupid law ? go look some french laws you’ll find are really stupid. (Im french so i know what i’m talking about).

      Listen to this one : Women don’t have the right to wear jeans. Yeah that’s true. They deleted this law only in 2014. And there is a one similar but even more stupid. And still existing :
      Women have to ask permission to a police station to have the right to dress like men.

      Look on internet you’ll find some state of the art laws that makes you only want to laugh out loud, since some are extremly stupid.

      Back to the red cross, i agree that it’s kind of an idiot law but it’s still legit to have it. A1nd the pink ones suit Natalie better, only my own state.

  2. Druanach

    The red cross is a protective symbol for medical personnel, and its misuse can lead to misconceptions about its meaning and can thus result in a loss of its protective power.

    Those calling this a “stupid law” may want to read this Wikipedia article for more information or this statement by the Canadian Red Cross which is specifically targeted at uses of the symbol in video games.

    Just for completeness, the actual text of the First Geneva Convention, as signed by 196 states, Article 44 (emphasis mine):
    With the exception of the cases mentioned in the following paragraphs of the present Article, the emblem of the red cross on a white ground and the words “Red Cross” or ” Geneva Cross ” may not be employed, either in time of peace or in time of war, except to indicate or to protect the medical units and establishments, the personnel and material protected by the present Convention and other Conventions dealing with similar matters. The same shall apply to the emblems mentioned in Article 38, second paragraph, in respect of the countries which use them. The National Red Cross Societies and other societies designated in Article 26 shall have the right to use the distinctive emblem conferring the protection of the Convention only within the framework of the present paragraph.

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      Oh I understand why they need to protect it from a *legal* point of view, and I respect that.
      I just think it’s ridiculous from a creative point of view.

  3. Aysu

    Wait, what? :?: That’s stupid and ridiculous. I wonder about politicians, sometimes. Mkst of the time, actually. Hopefully the fix didn’t take too much time to implement.

  4. ShadowsSun

    Didn’t a rugby/football team get fined recently for wearing red poppies, because “no religious/political symbols allowed”?

    Anyway, I agree that it is a little silly, but if this works like American copyright law then any real offender could point to your game and say “You obviously haven’t been protecting your symbol, so we can now use it for reasons”.
    It’s kind of interesting to look at all the places the symbol has been removed: for example the Starcraft 1 medic has a red cross (if your team is red) but the SC2 one only has it in concept art – the actual model has a white cross with a red outline on a white background.

  5. MidstNostalgia

    Lmao :yay: , the law is kinda funny but also a lil’ bit frustrating. :bleh: However, I kinda think pink nurse outfit matched Natalie more than the red ones tbh and it looks better. :stars:

  6. Roy

    No, actually you should more or less consider it like those issues with goku or other copyrighted properties. However, this one is (the red cross story) is made to secure the recognisity of the switzer organisation created by Henri Dunant around 1863 is secured, because they were not only one first modern medical treatment for war casualities (beginning from practically every war since 1864) but because they really want to be recognised as an life care squad when something life threatening happens around your house block or on modern day war places like Syria. So screwing around their trademark can not only really bring you lots of trouble, but can also theoretially hinder potential first aid help (and screwing around genevans, how they are known for the city of asylum AND being the home place of the red cross) is a guranteed reason for infinitive trouble. So that’s a reason why you shouldn’t take it lightly^^

  7. Z2

    The light pink on white background doesn’t really contrast very well and is kinda hard to see; what about other colors; like a purple that’s very close to red, or green?

  8. Pudding

    I would just make it so you could turn off red crosses in the settings screen or heavily explain the uses of red crosses in your game being very important lorewise.
    (Btw if lance can have a svastika why cant there be red crosses in your game)


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