EBF5: NoLegs and Evil NoLegs

And here’s what you’ve all been waiting for! (obviously)

I haven’t decided what NoLegs’ default equips are yet, nor what all of his skills will do exactly either. But he’s pretty cool anyway.

45 thoughts on “EBF5: NoLegs and Evil NoLegs

  1. Trycka

    Love this Evil No Legs. He looks really funny and is totally different of the others that would make him funny to face specially with others evil palyers alongside him.

    Here some bacon for your fantastic work. :bacon: :bacon: :bacon: :bacon: :bacon: :bacon:

  2. Julen Puertas Baños

    Spartan-armored kitty is best kitty. And idle animations are amazing, I love them.
    The only thing that I still don’t like is that although I love Nolegs as much as I do, I am concerned that he seems to be another sword-guy like Matt. I would prefer to see him with a more unique role for the battle.

  3. Vanquisher02

    i don’t like critical hit animation for each character…i has not idea about a new one but that should be remplaced by something “more animated”

  4. Leroy

    No offense but his magic animations are sorta lame since nothing happens, then again when something does happen then we’ll all be content

  5. Toxella

    LOOOVE THIS! That Attack 3, YASSSSS. It’s like Legend, but better. Also, since Nolegs has like a little dagger and thief bag thing, shouldn’t he have a steal skill too? After all, he did kinda steal hella potions for Matt and Natz in EBF 2. And Matt probably teached him how, anyway. LOVE THOSE IDLE ANIMATIONS THO EEEEE~~~

  6. Phil

    He just gets artificial hair with the headband.
    That is a thing that I noticed.
    Reporting this in the comments section for some reason has been super fulfilling.

  7. ChaosSorceror_Davidicus

    I love the little scottish beret. It’s amazing. I also like the King Dedede-esque Hammer and shield. His body armor seems to be little cat mock-ups of the other members’ gear, it’s a nice touch.

    Specials 1&2 are a nice callback to Bullet Heaven. I enjoy that immensely. He has a nice selection of slashes at his disposal, I’m curious to see how you make them work. Maybe things that deal more/less hits based on how many buffs he has? He strikes me as a physical offense / buff support character, who focuses more on multiple strikes rather than heavy singular strikes. Unlike Matt and Lance, who focus on one or two heavier hitting moves, he is a sort of “death of a 1000 tiny cuts” sort of ordeal. His magic doesn’t strike me as particularly offensive, but he at least has a healing move, the rest mostly look like buffing abilities. Also Idle 1 HAS to stay.

    As for Super Saiyan Legs, I am not looking forward to that, ESPECIALLY due to his unique custom specials. Shame our NL doesn’t get those.

  8. christherenegade13

    can’t wait for the full release of the game my hearts just pumping with eagerness for the awesomeness this game shall produce :wut: no wait that wrong it should be epicness :stars: :stars:

  9. Dutczar

    I think I’ll keep him in the fightning group 100% of the time (probably with Matt and Natalie for nostalgia)
    Special is different from magic, not sure it that happened with other characters…
    …in magic 2, why is he showing a crying/confused face? Is that sword part sticking into…just…ok. There’s probably sth just wrong with me.
    And those idle animations :yay:

  10. LazerRay

    Attack 1 is funny since NoLegs will be the only character who sneaks in from the back of targets, and Idle 1 is defiantly a cat thing (lets hope he doesn’t get distracted by the laser sights from Lance’s guns). :yay:

  11. Shraderc.inc

    sooooooo… is nolegs going to turn evil in the last battle, it looks kind of like you bring him back over in his death animation.

  12. SomaSam

    Hot sauce and sausage weapon have fire effect sounds, but no fire effects themselves. Most weapons leave behind a small special effect that signifies their element, but this one doesn’t seem to.

    This only seems to occur on Attacks 4 and 5.

    Also discovered this with the cutlass and money bag (no water bubbles on Attacks 4 and 5).

  13. wqeqwrq

    Love the full mage and katana/blade master/ninja Nolegs outfits and the attacking animations both physical and magical with those sets .Im just waiting for his role Matt :smirk: .

  14. Xarxaxyl

    ….Is it intentional that Magic 2 seems to have him shove his weapon up his naughty hole? :wut:

    The expressions don’t help matters much either…

  15. Isaac Shergold

    I’ve noticed that NoLegs multihit attacks (especially attack 3) when paired with weapons that cause visual effects like the retro weapon or Evil NoLegs cause a pretty hefty lag spike. :mad:

  16. stormer

    you know? no leg’s physical attacks and skills are pretty much more intimitating and wilder……….um , hey, sir roszak. why don’t you try bringing new characters in the game? you’ll attract us much more that way and you know, change is good! :stars: :stars: :stars:


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