65 thoughts on “EBF5: Lance and Evil Lance

  1. SimianD

    Matt’s, Nat’s, and Lance’s aren’t showing up for me. There’s nothing there.

    Did you do something or is this not supposed to happen?

  2. Zaptoshi

    I know Special 3 is for Dark Lance only, but it looks pretty funny when Normal Lance is doing it. :hurray: :ooo:

  3. TheMaleLilligant

    Y’know I’d be completely down with Lance exploding when he died as an easter egg. It wouldn’t even do damage. It’d be just for the hell of it.

  4. Dan

    I like how you’ve made Lance’s emotions more restrained. It makes the look of pure joy when he’s charging his laser even more significant.

  5. ChaosSorceror_Davidicus

    I always found it strange that his weapons where guns, yet he still used a sword. Nice to see him with a handgun, and that he pistol whips now for his double slash (though I slightly question the ease of trying to double-pistol-whip) as well as that the handgun changes as his ‘zooka changes too. Nice little touches. Flash ain’t dead, ever.

    I also like that the voices are limited to their death animations, rather than the myriad you had for them. I felt it might get a bit annoying. That said, I think that maybe the revive one could have stayed.

    I don’t like seeing the Oblivion animation going alongside Robo-Lance’s (Lancinator?) death animation. That… doesn’t look good for me. :scared: I foresee prepping auto-life before dealing the final bow. 😥

    So far so good. On a final note, it is cool to see that each of the anti-heroes’ death animations relate to their core element, tho I’m still trying to figure out what Natz is supposed to be. A djinn? A demoness (thought Anna was that)?

  6. odessasteps

    So Lance is a /k/ poster now? I can see that.

    Good job on the pistol whip, I can see this becoming one of my favorite attack animations.

    I would like it if the Soldier helmet turned black alongside the Officer uniform instead of for just one gun.

  7. Athon smoker

    Not gonna lie, I think the gunblade was awesome but I also like the pistol. Overall I love the design of Lance but it’s kinda weird that one of his hand doesn’t touch some of the guns when he shoot. I find funny the fact that he has a dark soul and that he looks upset all the time :smirk:

  8. Lenike02

    Lance’s hair is bad with his normal hat, and the gunblade was cool. Please change his hair to normal.

  9. pilover

    what is the pink beam
    I didn’t see any holy guns (does the hyperbeam look like the nonelemental ones?)

    also what does special 4 do? is it a buff? special 3 looks AWESOME
    dark matt death animation why explodsion no others get a big boom! explosion looks about the size of supernova or goku death
    so is lance more powerful than zombie goku super saiyan 3

  10. pilover

    the gunblade should stay!
    but if it goes(it was a really good attack{better than matts}) you need to
    1. make attack just a normal pistol shot because hitting with a pistol would do like 0 damage
    2 or you could have on hit affects (depends on current weapon)
    3 or make the hit have an element
    I putting this because hitting people with a pistol is weak

  11. Morgan Rue

    Lance has two guns that shoot pink lasers. I’m assuming we have a new element. Also, lots more explodey guns too. The only issue I have is a lot of the armor looks too bulky for him.

  12. Spirare

    A section of Lance’s hair overlaps the Santa hat, pirate hat, and the one right after the pirate hat, the puppy, and the headband.

    It also awkwardly sticks out on certain hats, like the black and yellow helmet and gladiator helm (but also some others). It needs a trim on those.

  13. Chaotic Chris

    :love: You did an amazing job with every one of these animations so far. Lance is my favourite character and i’m so excited for this under-appreciated series to have it’s fourth installment. Don’t care how long it may take, just know that you have 101% of our support. Keep up the great work Matt. :yay:

  14. Squideer

    I like the expression on Lance’s face more with Die 2 than his Evil counterpart. Shame it is only restricted to evil versions of the player. 😐

  15. Phil

    *Me, messing around with the animations, until suddenly…*
    *Evil Lance click on idle 1*
    *click on die 2*
    You see kids, this is why you don’t read porn.
    The original owner might have rigged it with explosives.

  16. sabby the eternal sin

    it’d be cool to see a good long webcomic of the series and off shoot story plots in between games (a normal long i read through in a week or less slightly damn is a example) :hurray:

    1. Karyete

      Cheer is only intended for Lance (the button is light), so you’re not going to see Evil Lance salute.

      If you cause a character to do an action that they’re not meant to do, there tend to be some issues.

  17. Jeffrey Webb

    *watching evil matt die*
    only three? ide expect like 50 or somethHOLY SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIITAKE MUSHROOMS OKAY!

  18. Daikenkini

    Matt Roszak can you convert one of these previews into an .exe like you did for Steam so that we can test if the mouse lag problem from EBF4 persists? Please answer y/n if you see this else I’m just gonna write you a mail

    I am testing around things to finally understand what is causing the problem

  19. Grumpy Lover

    Kinda bummed out that you removed the gunblade. I was one of those wired people who liked using Lance in EBF4 so removing his iconic weapon is kinda lame. 😐

  20. Taylor

    *Inappropriate hair with officer hat.
    *Weird evade animation.
    *Too low the vioce.
    *Why there is a skull in evil death?!
    *What is NSFW for?
    Matt don’t you hate Lance?

    1. Spirare

      NSFW removes blood when regular Lance is hit.

      Speaking of which, Lance also sometimes says “@$$”, “d@*n”, “f*(k”, or “$H*t” when hit, even with NSFW disabled; you should probably remove those dialogues with that setting toggled off.

      1. Ege

        In attack 3-4-5 he hold his revolver with both of hands and i think it’s not cool, if you change this animation to like Mcgree’s high noon or i dunno Client fast draw it would be great i think. And why did you remove gunsword or change gunsword to revolver?

        1. Me

          1. He holds it with both hands because that’s how he held his gunblade in the previous game.
          2. Matt has said the gunblade was just dumb and impractical.

  21. That ‘grenade gun’ is broken. Lance grabs the air during the shoot animations. Maybe adding a handle in the back would fix it.

        1. rainbowcupcakes

          Cast Revive on self to get auto-revive status? Get the morale status somehow to survive with 1 HP? (For dramatic effect.)

      1. Dutczar

        Soooo. like that one Final Fantasy VI fight that I don’t remember how was it called but whatever, where you need revive or a special summon?


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