34 thoughts on “EBF5: Matt and Evil Matt

    1. Spirare

      Works with whatever weapon you have equipped, really. If you have the Heaven’s Gate, it’ll be white, if you have the poison hammer, it’ll be green, if you have the blue wind blade, it’ll be dark blue. It doesn’t display VFX, though.

      Could be intentional; Maybe Dark Matt will be able to change weapon effect without switching the weapon model itself. (The equip button isn’t lightened for Matt only, anyways)

    1. Squideer

      I had two guesses for this, The first one was a death status where Revival is disabled entirely. The second was that’s death animation is tied to Evil Matt solely.

      1. Jawpp

        1st one is wrong. The later is correct.
        It’s said there that Dark Button is for Evil Matt only.
        We can only see Normal Matt can do “Die 2″ because it’s a test phase. :neutral:

  1. Gary

    Hey Matt,

    Just letting you know your last game EBF4 was amazing! I love every hour of it and hope you continue to make the next game just as great. It has definitely help me keep my mind off the tons of problems in my life and I’m truly thankful for that. I especially love the comedy and references to other shows, anime or games. I’m writing this before I head out to military as I might not have enough time when I get there. Hopefully when I get back, EBF5 will be done by then. (approx. a year) Finally, on the behalf of the community I would like to thank you for making such a great game.

  2. Athon smoker

    I think this is the first time in my entire life I’ve heard the voice of Matt :smirk:

    (when pressing the DIE button)

  3. Shraderc.inc

    Damn it matt, why does your matt and matt preview have to be so spoliery! its down right MATT :mad:

    in all seriousness though keep up the good work

      1. Dutczar

        I think he meant how it looks like. In EBF 3-4 it used to be all red, nasty and slow (unless my PC just couldn’t handle it XD) (also, Matt, can you make a XD emoticon, can’t find one).
        Now, because it has the sword’s color, it looks more like a series of slashes that are just swung farther, it doesn’t feel special or mighty…


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