21 thoughts on “EBF5: Hat Preview

  1. RSC

    How about a minihat option : would shrink the three middle ones when active so you can see the ears, and have no offect on first and last ones because they are helmets.
    This way you can see the ears if wanted an do not have to redo a version of each hat with ear holes.

  2. Toxella

    AHHHHHHH THESE ARE ADORABLEEEE!!!!!!!!! :stars: :love: Maybe on some hats, you could have cutouts, like everyone else has been saying apparently. OR you could have like, ear shapes made into the hat specifically for Nolegs. Ya know, like this. https://d2a2wjuuf1c30f.cloudfront.net/product_photos/17812158/_E6_97_A0_E6_A0_87_E9_A2_98_original_original_original_original.png I think this would look super cute. The only one of the hats here I really don’t like the look of is probs the Samurai, it’s like, lopsided and covering a whole side of his face! But the wizard hat HAS to stay. Adorableeee :yay: :yay: :yay:

  3. JSlayerXero

    If you have something along the lines of a headband that covers the circumference of the head, but not the top, you could give NoLegs headgear without having to cover the ears. I do like the idea of at least some of his headgear having cutouts for his ears to stick out, though.

  4. Temmie Flakes

    For example, I mean the Multi-Slash attacks in NoLegs’s skill section (Third row, second and third skills)

  5. Temmie Flakes

    Hold on. Don’t you think you should make the skill icons more unique instead of adding onto the ones that are already there? It might be confusing in the game, when someone is trying to end a quick-paced battle (on their part, of course), because it would require them to look more closely to tell the differences between some skills. I’m not sure if that will actually happen, but it’s a possibility you might want to keep in mind. Just sayin’.
    Besides that, I am super excited for EBF5, since everything looks so cool!!!! :stars:

    1. Spirare

      I think he mentioned that upgrades will completely replace the previous skills, so you’ll only ever have one of the three multi-slashes.

      Mana is also being removed, so that’ll have no penalty on your part.

  6. LazerRay

    You could make cutouts in the hats that only work for NoLegs (basically a hidden layer for either him or the hat), pointed ears on characters always adds an extra challenge for head wear. :yay:

    1. Leroy

      i agree cutouts are good maybe a cut out holes in the hat option instead or maybe a invisble hat cutout hat and regular hat option or jus invis cause thats less work

      Yes matt i’m back your favourite illiterate fan lol


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