Fanart: Natalie

Got this amazing fanart of Natalie from Lukas, who somehow doesn’t have any public profile for me to link to. It’s even a good size to use as a wallpaper!

6 thoughts on “Fanart: Natalie

  1. Toxella

    New wallpaper for my computer! EEEE!!!! Love this! :stars: :love: Anyway Matt, I was wondering, would you consider bringing stuff back from EBF3 in EBF5? There were lots of things I liked in EBF3 that 4 didn’t have, like the customizable cutscenes, minigames, the secret 10-medal areas, etc. But I was wanting to talk about the special effects on weapons and/or armor. In EBF3, I actually really liked how your weapons and armor got more effects as you leveled them up, while in EBF4 they just have them from the get-go. I think that makes a lot of people not really use their skills and do nothing but attack every turn, because the weapons had OP hit effects. I’m not saying I didn’t like being able to attack with Flameheart and cast fireball without MP, because I did, but in some cases I felt it was a little too easy to just mash attack which makes the game a bit more boring and predictable early-game. Maybe you could keep the weapons with the after-effects upon pickup for the easier modes, but make it necessary for them to be leveled up first in harder modes? A lot of times I forgot to level up my equips and ended up using my forging items for quests instead, as there wasn’t really any additional effects except for maybe added stats or elemental/status resistances. :tongue: :smirk:

  2. Kkots

    I have mixed feelings about the shading, and I’m totally not buying the legs. The face is an odd mixture of anime-like and realistic. But hair, face and cloth are done so well it pushes the piece more towards “professional” category, really. (I don’t draw myself and it’s just my opinion, please move on :arrow: )


      The hands are also mismatched in size. It looks like somebody took a painting class but hasn’t quite mastered the fundamentals, like good construction.

      Still, with a bit more polish it could be decent.

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