Sentry Knight Tactics

Hey guys, I’m beta testing a game called Sentry Knight Tactics.
It’s a lot of fun and it’s coming to Steam soon. It’s a sort of mix of real-time-strategy and RPG gameplay.

You might have played some of the earlier Sentry Knight games on Flash websites.
Anyway, I know the developers and we swapped some character cameos!sentrymatt

15 thoughts on “Sentry Knight Tactics

  1. Somasam

    Aww, even cuter Matt and Natalie.

    Though Idk how much extra XP Matt may have. He seems to have a nasty habit of losing it all in between games.

    That or he doesn’t have the experience to learn that it is bad to poke undead archdemons when they are napping.

  2. Stefan

    Hey Mat you sad in EBF 5 there are gona be new graphics.I don’t why in EBF 4 when i playing on high quality the game start lagging and i can run on max quality League of Legends ,Deadpool, even Skyrim.Have you any idea what i can download or what can i do to don’t have lag anymore?(sorry if my english is bad, i sad IF)

    1. buh

      It’s due to the limitations of Flash’s graphical performance and how it displays vector graphics in general.

      It’s been suggested that Matt turn to Scaleform GFx or Dragon Bones for a different way of rendering the graphics, but Scaleform is only limited to a small clientele group and Matt isn’t willing to go through with converting all the Movieclips into Dragon Bones animations on his own. Matt has also experimented with converting the vector graphics to bitmaps but so far he can only do so with mobile publishing on Adobe AIR.

      You could try and download the swf, decompile it, and attempt to implement your own graphical solution to make it run faster.


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