12 thoughts on “Bullet Heaven 2 Art

  1. nerfthis

    Yep, have to say this looks pretty good, even if everything isn’t accurate from an art standpoint.

    Especially like Natz’s fang in the pic. I like fangs. She’s a whole different character with this depiction though.

  2. Hanna-Diana-Magic

    I saw it too.
    And it’s true, it seems really cool.

    One question though:
    Won’t PtolemaiosLS make the cover art for EBF5?

    Just asking…

      1. Hanna-Diana-Magic

        I have no problem then-

        You always choose the best artists to make the cover art for your games, so whatever it is it’s gonna be really cool for sure!

    1. Kkots

      That’s probably the result of just shoving the characters straight at an artist’s face when she has never seen them before and doesn’t know what their personalities are…


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